20 Times People Were Served Ridiculous Dishes In Fancy Restaurants And They Couldn’t Resist Sharing The Pics Online https://ift.tt/8M5c9KW

mayo 22, 2023

Michelin-starred restaurants are known for their exceptional food, artistic presentation, and attention to detail. People visit these places with high expectations, hoping to have a great experience. However, there are times when even the fanciest restaurants leave people astonished with their ridiculous servings.

In this age of social media, it only takes a few clicks to share these unexpected culinary encounters with the world. There have been many instances when people couldn’t resist capturing and sharing the outrageous dishes they encountered in fancy Michelin-starred restaurants. Take a look at some of them in the gallery below.

#1 A Handful Of Raspberry Sauce At A Fancy Restaurant

Image source: pabloiswatchingyou

#2 Sushi For M’lady?

Image source: SuperJezus

#3 This $10 Salad I Paid For At A Restaurant

Image source: WoundedDonkey

#4 Have Some Gyoza With This Houseplant

Image source: bertthadonk

#5 Bread In A Versace Shoe

Image source: trublue4u22

#6 Next Time Just Throw The Dish At Me Please

Image source: moritzmadafaka

#7 Seen In A Sushi Restaurant In My City. I Still Can’t Believe It

Image source: Ikigairamen

#8 This Is A Fancy Restaurant, Not A Supermarket Checkout

Image source: illbeyourgentleman

#9 This Free Birthday Cake At A Fancy Restaurant

Image source: plumpofpoo

#10 The Vegan Option Served At A Fancy End Of Conference Dinner

Image source: mgntylr

#11 I Ordered The Salad At The Fanciest Restaurant In Town

Image source: mortiphago

#12 These Snacks Served With Stones: Some Are Real Stones And Some Are To Eat. You Have To Guess

Image source: happy_monster

#13 Wife And I Accidentally Went To A Michelin Star Restaurant On Our Honeymoon In Ireland

Image source: SoDakZak

#14 Is It Forgivable When It’s A Michelin Star Restaurant? (De Librije In Zwolle)

Image source: jennabunnykins

#15 What 20$ Gets You In A Fancy Restaurant. I Didn’t Even Know What To Do With It

Image source: UrNemisis

#16 Marshmallow “Worms” Served On A Plant

Image source: TheLine989

#17 My Mom Asked The Waitress What Type Of Bread It Was. It’s A Rock With The Butter For The Bread

Image source: Tackle3erry

#18 Restaurant’s Version Of Corn On The Cob. Wouldn’t Just Be Easier To BBQ Them On The Cob?

Image source: slicedmoonstone

#19 Ate At Three Michelin Star Restaurant Alinea In Chicago. Dessert Painted On The Table, Edible Balloons, Table Fires… It’s An Experience

Image source: abbiebe89

#20 At A Michelin-Starred Restaurant In Amsterdam, My Cocktail Arrived In A Plastic Bag

Image source: FactualGull1036

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