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abril 13, 2023

Most of us think that we know what a doctor’s or a firefighter’s job looks like. However, it’s not easy to imagine exactly what they face during their work hours unless we get into their shoes. Though, we can get a glimpse of their day-to-day activities through photos, of course.

To show you the unnoticed and often invisible sides of different professions, we have collected a few photos. These pics might change your perspective on how you look at other occupations. Check out the most interesting pics in the gallery below.

#1 To The Karens That Can’t Wear Masks. I Have Asthma And Work 13-Hour Shifts In This

Image source: mitchellkgreen

#2 Firefighter Buddy Saving A Tiny Kitten

Image source: AptMoniker

#3 Exhausted Firefighters Resting After Fighting Multiple Fires That Are Still Fustigating Central Portugal. They Are Our National Heroes

Image source: breakkz

#4 A Dog I Knew In My Last Job. My Job Was To Receive And Redistribute Things Like Food, Medication, Clothing, Blankets And Toys To People Who Need It

Image source: iizanasshole

#5 Sometimes Working Night Shifts Has Rewards

Image source: seagull_smuggler19

#6 I Work At A Cat Shelter. These Are The “Can We Keep Him?” Photos I Sent To My Partner. It Worked

Image source: parisburnscp

#7 I Work At A Funeral Home And During A Service Today, Bumped Into An Old Painter

Image source: Nerf_AK47

#8 I’m Working At A Pop-Up Animal Shelter At A Local High School For Hurricane Ian

Image source: EmilyKauai

#9 My Uncle, Who Works On An Arctic Research Vessel, Got An Unexpected Visitor Today

Image source: johnny_love

#10 While North America Freezes, These Guys Are Fighting Bushfires In Tasmania, Australia As The Mainland Bakes At 116F

Image source: x__________________-

#11 Insanely Jealous Of My Wife’s New Working Conditions

Image source: ClintPickleswood

#12 Found This Little Guy At Work Today

Image source: Boyinthecorn

#13 Dutch Firefighter After Dousing A Fire In Freezing Conditions

Image source: japie06

#14 Album From My Work As A Field Geologist On The Remote East Coast Of Greenland With Mountains, Ice, And Polar Bears

Image source: CPHMermaid

#15 These Carrots That Grew Around Each Other At The Farm I Work At

Image source: Effective-Ad-3897

#16 It Is -45°F (-43°C) Where I’m Working Today (South Dakota)

Image source: SoDakZak

#17 Be Nice To Your Trash Man When It’s Raining And It’s 30 Degrees Outside. We Are Not Invincible. This Is My Hand After Working 4 Hours In That Weather

Image source: SubzeroMK

We had to stop for new gloves otherwise I probably woulda got frostbite.

#18 It’s Someone’s Job To Hoover The Whale At The American Museum Of Natural History (NYC)

Image source: Fellatijo

#19 Mineral Named Turgite – Found This Today While Working In An Iron Ore Mine, Remote Western Australia

Image source: tony_the_greatest

#20 I Work At A Call Center. Whenever I Get A Particularly Rude Caller, I Like To Draw What They Might Look Like. Here’s Lorraine From Today

Image source: SerAntwon

#21 I Work In The Film Industry And I’m Usually Too Shy To Ask For A Picture With An Actor, But I Had To Get One With This Little Guy

Image source: cody_p24

#22 Found This Little Trash Heart In My Work Dumpster This Morning

Image source: Colinmandogg

#23 This Is The Hand Of A Doctor After Removing His Medical Precautionary Suit And Gloves After 10 Hours Of Duty

Image source: AwanishSharan

#24 Northern Lights This Morning At Work

Image source: Service-Apart

#25 Part Of My Night Shift Tasks At My Job Is To Feed The Outside Cats That Come Every Night

Image source: RuGaard98

#26 My Arm After Grinding Fiberglass All Day

Image source: P3nguLGOG

#27 Exhausted Firefighters In Australia

Image source: Sumit316

#28 Every Thursday Morning My Little Nephew Waits For The Garbage Man To Arrive So He Can Help. Today They Brought Him A WM Hat To Wear

Image source: Benzona

#29 A Firefighter From Washington State After Battling The Wildfire

Image source: Go_Habs_Go31

#30 We Use Hulk Hands To Move Cacti At My Work

Image source: catnip4sale

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