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abril 26, 2023

Japan has always enchanted people from their anime to their cultural habits. The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ as it’s popularly known, is home to a group of people that are deeply entrenched in politeness as well as good humour.

From their own sets of rules and cultural behaviours, the Japanese set an example to the rest of the world on how to behave unselfishly in society. So today, we want to take a moment to appreciate this country and its customs. Scroll below for a peek at why folks are so obsessed with this country and see the best that Japan has to offer in meme-like appreciation posts. 

#1 When People Matter

Image source: cheeseter78

#2 Cafe In Japan Gives An Oportunity To Paralyzed People To Feel Fulfilled

Image source: smildon13

#3 This Is 95 Hirane From Japan. I Accidently Entered His Shop To Ask For Directions. So How We Got Talking And Became Good Friends. And Now He Dedicates 2 Hours Everyday To Teaching Me Japanese

Image source: Sellatra

#4 Old People In Japan Clean Up Radiation So The Younger Generation Won’t Have To Expose Themselves To It

Image source: Bob9865

#5 In Nara, Deers Have Learned To Open The Doors Of Food Establishments And Bow To Ask For Food

Image source: offender_defender_

#6 A Tree In Japan Being Removed (With Roots Being Painstakingly Protected) And Being Saved And Moved (Instead Of Being Cleared For Road Widening)

Image source: Ineedunderscoreadvic

#7 Im Crying Over This Old Man In Japan Who Patiently Walks His Giant Tortoise Everyday

Image source: Wholesomepost

#8 Why Is Japan Just So Great

Image source: WeGotEm42069

#9 If You Have A Cup Noodle In Japan, You’ll Get Cats On The Inside Of The Lids. However, At A 6% Chance, You’ll Get A Tibetan Fox (Middle Right)

Image source: sinmantky

#10 Do You Keep The Plushie?

Image source: feemcbee

#11 Solving The Problem Of Eating A Burger With Dignity

Image source: VanillaLoaf

#12 Japan, Just Japan

Image source: esberat

#13 After Their Shocking Win Against Germany, Japan Fans Stayed After The Match To Clean Up The Stadium. Respect

Image source: rosseepoo

#14 A Japan Fan At The World Cup

Image source: orangetmofficial

#15 No Cap

Image source: medalwinner16

#16 A Japanese Diver Has Been Entrusted To Oversee One Of Japan’s Shinto Shrines, Which Is Located Beneath The Surface Of Japan’s Tateyama Bay. Over The Decades, He Became Best Friends With One Of The Marine Creatures Who Live Around The Shrine, An Asian Sheepshead Wrasse Named Yoriko

Image source: modianos

#17 Taking Historic Architecture Into Account When Adding Vending Machines

Image source: VanillaLoaf

#18 This Restaurant Being Wholesome

Image source: JonnTheBig

#19 In Hong Kong And Japan, Mcdonald’s Has A “Doors Are Always Open” Policy. People Who Have Nowhere To Stay Take Advantage Of This And “Live” In Mcdonald’s, Often Referred To As Mcrefugees

Image source: 9w_lf9

#20 ‘Please Turn Down Your Volume’ Seibu Railway Etiquette Poster

Image source: Public_esko

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