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marzo 31, 2023

Many people are adopting pets these days, and why not! Adoption makes a difference in an animal’s life, and it also makes the hoomans happy with the guarantee of amazing companionship.

Today, we have compiled a few heartwarming posts that might inspire you to adopt a pet for yourself. Well, even if you don’t plan to adopt any pets, these photos will definitely make you smile. Check out the most wholesome pics in the gallery below.

#1 Simon Was The Runt, And Nobody Wanted Him. I Asked Around Trying To Get Adopted… And Then Like 2 Hours Later Just Decided To Adopt Him Myself

Image source: bribotronic

#2 His Loving Look When He Realized He’ll Never Be Cold Or Hungry Again

Image source: hoorhay_ng

#3 My BF Adopted An Elderly Kitty From A Shelter For His New Place. I Think He Likes It Here

Image source: FinchFuxFox

#4 We Adopted A Mother Son Combo From A Local Rescue…. They Are Inseparable

Image source: SAVertigo

#5 Yesterday I Posted How I Was Going To Adopt Vincent Today. A Kind Redditor Who Wants To Stay Anonymous Paid His Adoption Fees And Told Me To Pay It Forward. We’re Home. The 1 Ear Cat And The 9 Finger Man

Image source: Butt_F*cking_Smurfs

#6 Meet Cj (Colby Jack), The Iraqi Stray That Adopted Our Platoon

Image source: Bigdaddyl0ve

#7 My Parents Just Adopted This Sweet Girl

Image source: bbycakes1996

#8 This Is Stinky Boy, He Came Into Our Lives 4 Days Ago In The Rain And Now He Gets As Many Blankets As He Wants

Image source: hunnie_bee8

#9 Shelter Dog Celebrates Getting Adopted

Image source: Sayomi_Koneko

#10 My Friend Decided To Adopt Sisters. This Is How They Sleep

Image source: Notmiefault

#11 Just Adopted This Derp. Meet Ralph

Image source: mr_looseneck

#12 I Adopted This Baby 2 Weeks Ago

Image source: sseu_mayi

#13 Just Rescued Lilith, My Little Bean Of Darkness

Image source: ISKZ

#14 Frank’s Face After His Gotcha Moment. Halllp!

Image source: SnooOpinions8020

The shelter said it was the fastest turnaround adoption they’d ever had. My son and I went to the humane society—his mission was to adopt an orange cat. A woman walked thru the door with Frank in her arms, said that the dogs she owned were terrorizing him, he is so loved and happy now!!

#15 After 28 Years Of Wanting To Adopt A Cat, I Finally Did! Meet Lulu Everyone!

Image source: hoshus123

#16 This Beautiful Boy Sat In A Shelter For Over 6 Months And Was The Only One That Didn’t Get Adopted At An Event Last Weekend. He’s Missing An Ear, Just Had Dental Surgery And Has A Few Bald Patches But My Girls And I Think He’s Perfect. Meet Smooth Dylan (Shelter Name!)

Image source: mrsdhammond

#17 My Beautiful Adopted Baby, Vera . She Was Rescued From An Extremely Abusive Household, Being Tied To Barbed Wire And Beaten

Image source: mvtpmj

#18 I Adopted A Cat And He Has Just Wanted Nothing To Do With Me. Eats And Then Hides. Today Was A Very Bad Day For Me Personally. I Happen To Just Be Laying On The Ground And He Appeared Letting Me Finally Pet Him

Image source: Empty_Term6019

#19 Just Adopted This Two Fellas, Gino And Chester (Main Coons)

Image source: Alextrazsa

#20 Ursu, My First Ever Pet That I Just Adopted! She Loves To Bask In The Sun

Image source: googleid

#21 Just Adopted My First Kittens And I’m In Love

Image source: OneHundredNEighteen

#22 Mom, Please Remind Me Why We Adopted Him?

Image source: Typical_Taro6754

#23 I Adopted Two Shelter Cats. This Is Tito

Image source: Pommaq

#24 This Is Benji, My Friend’s Toothless Rescue. His Smiles Are The Best!

Image source: klugstarr

#25 My 15yr Old Adopted Nap Buddy Lily. Older Puppers Deserve Forever Homes Too!

Image source: IfEverWasIfNever

#26 Newly Adopted Senior Sic. 12 Years Old And Spent 11 Of Those In The Shelter

Image source: solvingturnip44

#27 I’m An Amputee, He’s An Amputee, I Called To See If He Was Still Available And I’m Adopting Him Tommorow When They Open Up. I Feel Like It’s All Coming Together

Image source: Butt_Fucking_Smurfs

#28 Thought We Were Adopting A Kitten…might Just Be A Stuffed Animal…done Nothing But Sleep For 3 Days

Image source: Blurrypinot

#29 Thought We Were Adopting A Cat However, It Seems We Have A Vampire Bat! Meet Casper

Image source: niqueG

#30 Adopted 2 Feral Kitties (Dill And Pickles). My Older Cat Sushi Thinks He Is Their Mom Now

Image source: biteznikkie

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