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febrero 24, 2023

Personally, I’ve never understood the ‘my car is better than your car’ attitude some people sport. Pretentiousness is never attractive after all. However, that doesn’t stop a percentage of 8 billion people from doing just that.

The online community, r/NotLikeTheOtherGirls is committed to making examples of such unique individuals who think they are better than everybody else by sharing their transgressions in public.  Scroll below for a host of posts by people who thought they were ‘edgy’ and out of the ‘norm’ but in reality, according to common consensus, came off rather ridiculous instead.

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#1 The Whole Package

Image source: Winglikeburglary735

#2 Because Instead Of Educating Them, We Should Make Fun Of Them!

Image source: arisdeez

#3 How Quirky

Image source: cas873021896

#4 If Everyone Else Wears A Sweater, You Def Gonna Be Freezing Wearing This

Image source: aoi4eg

#5 Can We Please Stop With This C**p Already??

Image source: ZeuslovesHer

#6 Does This Belong In This Sub? Apparently Being Bi-Curious Isnt A Thing Anymore

Image source: Clean-Fix3099

#7 No, It’s Embarrassing To Put Down Other Women At A Party

Image source: funeralxpeach

#8 I’m Not Like Other Girls I Make Bone Broth

Image source: nekkototoro

#9 That Burn Though

Image source: SoarinFree

#10 ‘I’m Not Like The Other Girls Because I Believe In Modestyyy’

Image source: Life_Can_4970

#11 She’s The Best You Guys

Image source: ExpertAccident


#12 I Hold A Ps4 Controller, I’m A Real Gamer Girl™

Image source: directlyReproach524

#13 She’s Not Like Other Moms

Image source: mmenheraa

#14 Title

Image source: GeologistWild7350

#15 This Girl Always Playing This Victim

Image source: Sheogorathis

#16 “I’m Not Like Other Girls I’m Sick In The Head”

Image source: blueberrycameleon

#17 First Post Here, I Just Hate Book Shaming In General

Image source: meh80

#18 Hugging Your Friends Is Weird?

Image source: Corrupted_Entity

#19 The Book I’m Reading Has A Main Character Who Is Like The Other Girls

Image source: little-bird89

#20 Im Speechless

Image source: anxnim

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