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febrero 27, 2023

When we book an airbnb stay, we have an idea in our minds of what to expect based off pics & reviews. However, sometimes even the best research attempts don’t yield the actual truth of the situation. The following images were documented by real people who booked with just normal expectations, but the product fell far below even sub-par standards. Take a look at some real shady short-term rentals that we’d all best be warned to stay away from down below. 

#1 The Main Reason I Rented This Airbnb Was Because Of The Hot Tub. However, It Was Dirty, And The Smell Was Terrible

Image source: Forsaken_Storm_6397

#2 This Hidden Camera Disguised As A Clock In My Airbnb

Image source: yumchasupreme

#3 My Bed At The Hotel I’m Staying

Image source: dosnos

#4 I Booked A Cheap Hotel In Lisbon With A Friend. The Pictures On The Booking Website Never Showed The Toilet And The Bed In The Same Picture. I pray my friend doesn’t have to go to the toilet tonight.

Image source: Th3_Accountant

#5 I Went On A Trip Several Weeks Ago To New Orleans, And Our Airbnb Host Didn’t Tell Us That The Pool Was Unusable And Air Conditioners Were Broken Too

Image source: daxter304

#6 My Airbnb Stairs. Every Step Is A Different Height, Width, And Depth

Image source: jingojangobingoblerp

#7 The Faucet Is Placed Further Than It Should Be

Image source: jvjishnu

#8 The Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Has An Antifog Section. Unfortunately, I’m 5’2

Image source: Bommie20

#9 The Only Outlet In My Hotel Room

Image source: GrinOfTheCat

#10 Worst Hotel Room Design Ever. What’s Funny Is That The Bathroom Door Sill Has A Lock On It

Image source: alex_the_mindful_baker

#11 My Girlfriend Forgot The Lock Was In Place And Opened The Door Fairly Gently. Lock Snapped Immediately. This Hotel Makes Me Feel Very Safe

Image source: battletank1996

#12 The Built-In USB Charger In My Hotel Wasn’t Working, So I Turned It Over To Take A Look, And This Is What I Saw

Image source: Sharpbarb

#13 I’m Staying In The Hotel, And This Is My Bathroom

Image source: blobfishruler

#14 There’s A Mirror Screwed Into The Ceiling Above The Toilet In My Airbnb

Image source: Island_Living_

#15 Striped Carpet On Hotel Stairs. Hard To Use Even After Two Weeks And Completely Sober

Image source: OilCareful8232

#16 The Shower In My Hotel Is A Glass Cube In The Center Of The Room

Image source: EvTheSmev

#17 Our Shower In Croatian Airbnb

Image source: Cold-Tumbleweed8840

We stayed at the Airbnb for a few months, and I used this to heat the bathroom. I didn’t know if I would get electrocuted or barbecued. It did heat the bathroom pretty well, but it took up so much power in the apartment that you couldn’t run anything else simultaneously, or it would trip the breaker.

#18 You Have To Step Over The Bathtub To Get Between The Toilet And The Sink

Image source: Mococe

#19 The Water In Our Airbnb Has Been Yellow And Tastes Metallic For A Week Now. The Owner Says They Can’t Do Anything About It

Image source: Go_Commit_Reddit

#20 I’ve Never Seen A Hotel Pool Sign So Blunt Before

Image source: TurtlesTurnMeOn

#21 Hotel Alicja, Lodz, Poland. Advertisement vs. Reality

Image source: cavidaga

#22 I Came Back To A Pitch-Black Hotel Room, Then Turned On The Lights And Saw This

Image source: Trekker519

#23 The Size Of This Hotel Key Chain That I Have To Carry Around Everywhere With Me For The Next Few Days

Image source: splurgeoverthem

#24 The Airbnb I’m Renting

Image source: julieeeeeeeeeeeee

#25 I Got Locked Out Of My Hotel Room, So I Went To Find The Front Desk Lady, And This Was On The Counter

Image source: vinboslice420

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