20 Weirdly-Designed Things That Are Difficult To Clean, As Shared By This Facebook Page https://ift.tt/5Ahnv21

diciembre 22, 2022

Brilliant designers know how to blend aesthetics and practicality together. However, some designers simply don’t understand that aesthetics is not everything and forget that there are many practical aspects that ought to be considered while designing things.

There is a Facebook group named “Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them” which shares many such examples in which designers just forgot that things need to be cleaned too. Check out some of their interesting posts in the gallery below.

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#1 The Ninja Blender Handle

Image source: Amanda N Salmeron

#2 Spiders

Image source: Higi Kaelle

#3 Finally Found Something That’s Ewww Enough For Here

Image source: Ricarda Martinez-Arden

#4 The Only Bad Thing About My New Place, This Built In Cutting Board Who On Earth Thought Of This

Image source: Cleo Ek

#5 Saw This In My Death Stairs Group. I Think It Belongs Here Too

Image source: Will Henry Jr.

#6 It’s Fleece I Think

Image source: Doris Laan

#7 Thank God For Shoes, Is All I Can Say

Image source: Cristina Adyta

#8 The Inside Of My Foster Puppy’s Flexible Cone Is A Textured Fabric That Can’t Be Wiped Down. It’s Foul After Just 2 Days, And He’ll Have To Wear It For 2-4 Weeks. The Person Who Designed This Clearly Never Had A Dog, Probably Never Met A Dog

Image source: Chelsey Baker-Hauck

#9 The Handles To The Cabinet At The House My Dad Rented For Our Christmas Gathering

Image source: Madeline Wise

#10 Look At This Hellscape Of A Backsplash. Now Envision Whipped Sweet Potatoes That Had A Little Accident

Image source: Leigh Sparacino

#11 Anyone Got A Guess To How Many Spiders This Could Potentially House? Lol. Spotted At Magnolia

Image source: Becky Roetker

#12 Big Soft Building Blocks At The Public Playroom. The Velcro

Image source: Doris Laan

#13 My Regular Apple Watch Silicone Band Gets Manky Enough. Imagine The Grime That Would Get Stuck In These Groves

Image source: Bree-Anne Kaiser

#14 Just Saw This On Instagram And The Eyeroll Was Instant

Image source: Letícia Cianflone

#15 Smells Exactly Like You’d Imagine

Image source: Ostritch King

#16 Do You Enjoy Cleaning Your Guitar?

Image source: Ana Cristina Cabral

#17 Just…. Why???

Image source: Bori Zsófi

#18 Things Sold By People Who Don’t Want To Clean Them?

Image source: Zoë Sanderson

#19 Those Windows. Why In The Hell

Image source: Ramón Edgar

#20 Those Magazines And Shells In A Bowl Really Class Up This Bedside Table…

Image source: Jessica Krt

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