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noviembre 22, 2022

If you have a cat or if you love watching funny cat videos for hours, you probably know that our feline friends have one rule for sitting – “If I fits, I sits!” So, it’s not really weird when you find cats chilling in random places like drawers and sinks.

There is even a dedicated subreddit “The Cat Trap Is Working” where cat owners share funny pictures of their cats cramming themselves into the most bizarre places in their houses. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below. And if you want to see more such pics, check out our previous article here.

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#1 This Unusual Trap Has Snagged A Victim

Image source: guppylovesyarn

#2 The Elliptical Trap. At Least Someone Uses It!

Image source: CatastropheCat99

#3 They’re Huge Fans

Image source: reddit.com

#4 After Making A Pan Of Brownies, I Covered It With A Hand Towel To Protect It From Curious Cats. This Only Attracted Racer To A Comfy Brownie Bed

Image source: Shiitakia

#5 I Waited Two Days For This Picture

Image source: custermustache

#6 I Know It Isn’t A Box But My Cat Loves To Sit On Kitchen Cloths!!

Image source: n4os3iqueus3rn4m3p0r

#7 For Some Reason This Particular Bag Of Groceries Was Heavier Than The Rest

Image source: ExplanationDear4922

#8 Owner Sacrifices Own Life To Not Disturb The Kitty

Image source: Friendlyalterme

#9 I Was Sent Here To Show You How Effective Cat Traps Can Be At The Foot Of The Bed. Everyone Tucked In Nicely, Nobody Gets Squashed In Their Sleep!

Image source: Im_Asia

#10 He Loves Legos Very Much

Image source: holly_molly_33441

#11 He Did Not Fit… And Yet He Sat

Image source: MissDelaylah

#12 Waiting Politely In Line For The Sink Trap

Image source: ldogrules

#13 Might Need A Bigger Terrarium For This Lizard

Image source: cl0yd

#14 Caught A Couple Of Criminals

Image source: kittenCASA

#15 Unconventional, But Effective

Image source: cervenit

#16 He Forgot His Poptart Outside The Trap!

Image source: pinkeskimo

#17 That’s One Weird Potato

Image source: Alarmed_Entrance1769

#18 $10 Meat Lovers Trap Is Working Well

Image source: Steriotypical-tipper

#19 The Box Is Also An Arm Rest

Image source: Dizzy_Journalist4486

#20 Extra Effective Cat Trap

Image source: Educational_Let3723

#21 Working Again And Again

Image source: _dollweg_

#22 I Caught A Cat In My Dragon Trap!

Image source: TheRealBrokenbrains

#23 Yusuf Can’t Believe We Ever Close This Thing

Image source: Super-flewis

#24 Hercules Was Caught And Then Fell Asleep

Image source: txstormking

#25 My 20 Pound Maine Coon Requires A Larger Trap. This One Works Every Time!

Image source: 11exgreib

#26 I Caught A Void

Image source: slatemillion

#27 Louie Usually Gets Trapped In The Sink

Image source: bigtastie

#28 Mеtаl Geаr Sоlid Trар

Image source: Marktorma

#29 These Boxes Were On The Ground For 5 Minutes

Image source: marip0sita

#30 How Often Should I Feed My Pet Fish?

Image source: rainyrew

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