People In This Online Group Are Sharing Hilarious And Ridiculous Photoshop Fails (30 Pics)

octubre 03, 2022

Photo editing is not as easy as it seems. It requires some skills, a bit of practice, and a lot of common sense. However, many people lack the last one and end up creating something really weird.

The subreddit r/badphotoshop is a place where you can see examples of really bad but hilarious photoshops. Check out some of their funniest posts in the gallery below.

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#1 He Lost So Much Weight, The Person In The Background Gained It

Image source: thr3dimension

#2 Ad For A Beauty Supply Store In My Area

Image source: iWillNowLiveAsDayMan

#3 Biggest Snake Ever Discovered Is Good With Crowds

Image source: JohnnyClarkee

#4 Such Cute Cats!

Image source: NonphotosyntheticYes

#5 The First Comment Sums It Up

Image source: shutnik_

#6 Dad Got Divorced, Used Paint To Erase His Ex-Wife

Image source: brianthomasarghhh

#7 An Ad On The News Feed On My Phone. Hope The Dog Is Ok

Image source: meeperton

#8 What Is Going On With This Poor Dogs Teeth???

Image source: zoekapoay

#9 Found This From A Company That Claims To Make “3D Realistic Floor Art”

I have so many questions , why would you want a waterfall on your bathroom floor? Why is the girls dress blowing in the wind? How are all the fixtures floating ???

Image source: TheGreatTyrant

#10 Wow, Grass That Stays Green In Wintertime! (Found On Zillow)

Image source: PelicanFrostyNips

#11 This Thumbnail

Image source: its-paladin

#12 Give Me That Unreal Look. Gardener: I Don’t Do Photoshop

Image source: eventualist

#13 Nice Little Couch

Image source: Berzmod

#14 Probably My Favorite Photoshop Fail. This Was Apparently Done By A Pro For $200, All The Images Are Like This

Image source: OgdruJahad

#15 I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image source: wakugandan-chubungus

#16 Yes, That Looks Very Real

Image source: buttercream-gang

#17 What Are Those!!

Image source: teehizzlenizzle

#18 I Was Searching For A Cat Carrier On Amazon And Came Across This Monstrosity

Image source: BlueRoseImmortal

#19 I Think He Ate The Other Campers

Image source: WickedCoolUsername

#20 The Models Are Soooo Comfortable With Each Other

Image source: mikethelabguy

#21 Amazon Is A Gold Mine

Image source: cool_beans550

#22 Someone From My School Actually Posted This

Image source: catsareprettycoo1

#23 These Ads Are Ridiculous!

Image source: Silvanarix

#24 Dog Pool

Image source: Hans-and-franz

#25 Where Is Her Body?

Image source: taylorclark0808

#26 This Magic Carpet Ride Through Hell… For Your Dog

Image source: Jamievrcade

#27 Amazon Seat Bath Tub. Model Lost His Legs

Image source: ice-h2o

#28 The More You Look At It, The Worse It Gets

Image source: bionicpug

#29 Bro What

Image source: we-r-all-redit-fish-

#30 Amazon Kiddie Pool

Image source: mrbigreddog

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