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septiembre 23, 2022

Although Pinterest is the perfect platform for DIY’ers, sometimes they go overboard with their experiments and ruin things instead of making them beautiful.

There is even a subreddit called ‘Reverse Pinterest’ where people have started posting restored versions of furniture that have been “rescued from Pinterest-paint hell and restored to their original glory.” Check out some of their interesting posts in the gallery below.

More info: Reddit

#1 Thinking My Recent Rehab Of This Pre-Pinterest Paint Job Would Be Enjoyed Here

Image source: mlkandtoast

#2 Vintage Console I Stripped A While Ago

Image source: SusieOPath

#3 Lane Acclaim Side Table Hidden Under Pea Green Paint!

Image source: Bittersweet025

#4 Restored This Beauty To Original Glory. $20 Goodwill Cedar Chest Returned From Crackled Paint Torture

Image source: toothqueencolleen

#5 I Don’t Know If I Can Top This One! Fully Restored Brasilia II Petite Buffet

Image source: midcenturymistress

#6 Behold, The Most Satisfying Reverse Pinterest Of 2021

Image source: teaphillips

#7 Painted Antique Mantle Restoration Transformation

Image source: senor_roboto

#8 My Crusade Upon Painted Antique Furniture

Image source: Linthoughts

#9 Thrift Store “Rescue”

Image source: Nayiru

#10 Something I Did A Few Weeks Ago. :)

Image source: CobraMarmalade

#11 Heard You Guys Like A Good Before And After

Image source: mkgw0530

#12 Thought Y’all Might Appreciate My Efforts

Image source: Mike_Michaelson

#13 The Abuse Is Finally Over

Image source: Antiquarryian

#14 I Put Two Months Of My Time On Weekends And After Work To Remove The Awful Paint From This Gorgeous Danish Teak Desk With Floating Legs!

Image source: PoachedPears

#15 Final Update On My Mcm Nightstands! Before, Fully Stripped, And After! They Are My Pride And Joy

Image source: liluglygoddess

#16 Johnson Carper Ronda Saved From Teal Spray Paint

Image source: Snail-Party

#17 I Bought This Coffee Table In 2018 For $15 At A Flea Market Because It Was Cheap And I Needed Something For My Living Room. Finally Got Around To Stripping It This Weekend

Image source: account-info

#18 Was Told To Post Here. Before And After De-Pinteresting

Image source: subatomic50

#19 Before And After

Image source: not2shabbytabby

#20 Under 3 Coats Of White Paint And 1 Coat Of Green, Was This Beautiful Rimu Timber

Image source: kombilyfe

#21 Reverse Pinterest That A Friend Did

Image source: Koparkopar

#22 Beautiful Restoration Job

Image source: mimosadanger

#23 Restored This Johnson Carper Fashion Trend Desk. This Paint Did Not Want To Come Off

Image source: kevinciviced7

#24 Reversed This $10 Fb Marketplace Kroehler Side Table

Image source: sevem

#25 A Ridiculous Amount Of Love, Patience, And Skill Went Into Reversing These Mid-Century Modern Pieces! I Restore For A Living, And Although I Really Hate Dealing With Painted Stuff, It Makes Me That Much Prouder Of My Craft

Image source: midcenturymistress

#26 Restauration Process, Finished!

Image source: Cristi57875e

#27 Before And After

Image source: jose01337

#28 Thonet Dining Chairs, Redeemed

Image source: jbty7

#29 American Of Martinsville Dresser That I Tried My Best To Restore

Image source: LaneyWynne

#30 Stripping Paint Is The Absolute Worst. Three Weeks After Staring I’ve Finally Made It, Boys. Just Picked Up Another Similar Dresser Painted Brown. Why Do I Do This To Myself

Image source: teaphillips

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