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septiembre 28, 2022

When you visit a salon, there is a risk of coming out as a different person – sometimes, not in a good way! There is a reason why some people prefer to go to a familiar and reliable hairstylist who gives them their favorite regular haircuts.

However, some folks like to experiment with their hairstylists as well as haircuts. The subreddit ‘Just [Eff] My [Crap] Up’ shares photos of unfortunate haircut fails. Check out some of their hilarious photos in the gallery below.

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#1 Who In Their Right Mind

Image source: sahi2urmom4me

#2 This Icon From Czechia (Krychlič From Pardubice)

Image source: CoffeeList1278

#3 Finally I Found The Proper Subreddit For This Gem I’ve Been Harboring In My Camera Roll

Image source: Mia042400

#4 The Real Goat

Image source: Pampeldibuh

#5 Babies Are Not Exempt From Getting [messed] Up

Image source: ambrosialeah

#6 Needs No Caption

Image source: braincood

#7 Karenizer 3000

Image source: souly97

#8 Lion In Chinese Zoo. Keepers Deny Giving Him A Haircut

Image source: jakeofheart

#9 You Ever Seen An Onion Half Thats Been In The Fridge Too Long?

Image source: EyeChihuahua

#10 A Meme That Created A Subreddit

Image source: frankrice

#11 Nice

Image source: mellowlearner

#12 Give Me The Mr Burns Please Mum

Image source: Mista_glass

#13 Hit Me Up With That Chechen Monk Drip Fam

Image source: FjordLarquad

#14 My Friend’s Barber Really Did Him Wrong By Shaping His Facial Hair

Image source: PattyAK

#15 Wayne Cochran, American Singer, 1960s

Image source: newleafkratom

#16 Yikes

Image source: jape7798

#17 Jesus Take The Wheel

Image source: The_Milk-lady

#18 Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Image source: ssigea

#19 Say No More

Image source: DismallyImitate47

#20 Minecraft Character

Image source: Accomplished-Cod-340

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