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agosto 08, 2022

Have you ever come across a sign that seemed hilarious because the words were placed weirdly? It happens often that people and graphic designers don’t notice that their signs can be misinterpreted as something else if read from a different perspective.

The online community “Don’t Dead Open Inside” is dedicated to mocking these crazily aligned phrases. The community shares photos of “signs/media that read as nonsense if read normally: from left to right.” Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below. And if you want more, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Don’t Believe. Quit Now!

Image source: RoamingArchon

#2 Abort Jesus

Image source: purrseids

#3 No No No More More More Shame Fear Dread

Image source: Nijsw122

#4 Hoho Pepe

Image source: ackley14

#5 South Mouth

Image source: MRairden

#6 There’s No Planet B

Image source: Mr_M4yhem

#7 Enjoy Mouth Popcorn Your Watering

Image source: Katokiku

#8 We Are Fried. Hiring Chicken

Image source: Some–Idiot

#9 W Fart Free Water

Image source: TrumpilyBumpily

#10 Family Dollar, Dollar Tree… Wait

Image source: Electro-_-Lite

#11 Never Comeback Give Up Robert

Image source: FabulousGiraffe

#12 Say No To 100% Hygiene

Image source: Dracarass

#13 For The Life Of Me, I Can’t Figure Out What This Says?

Image source: iwantacoolnametoo

#14 It Doesn’t Look Good Either Way

Image source: baconworld

#15 Any Boy Can, But It Takes A Make A Child Man To Be A Daddy

Image source: Z-Bee

#16 Do Park, Not Here

Image source: Vaultaire

#17 You Sausage A Never Place?

Image source: Ninja11211

#18 The Only Bad Is The One Workout You Didn’t Do

Image source: dtarias

#19 This Jesus Cowboy

Image source: sopinessasquatch

#20 Push Animal For Heat Heat!

Image source: MasterBallsCK

#21 In Czech: “Sama Doma” Means Home Alone, “Sado Mama”…you Probably Know

Image source: pepaczlol

#22 Say To Sliders Drugs To No Yes

Image source: night_chaser_

#23 Nothingnothing Right Inleft In My My Leftright Brainbrain

Image source: jcthefluteman

#24 This Sign At A&f

Image source: A_Weber

#25 Shackled By Jesus, Lust Sets Free

Image source: 7astromichael

#26 I’m A Delivery Driver. The Address Is 4822

Image source: SquattingDawg

#27 I Feel Like This Doubles As A Sobriety Test, Lol

Image source: banjo_hero

#28 You Must Moving. Keep

Image source: LordFrogberry

#29 Waste Energy Today Tomorrow

Image source: samp20

#30 Stop My Body, Man Ate My Choice, Freedom

Image source: BurnDivision

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