20 Comparison Pictures Shared By Women Who Have Hilariously Accepted Both Their ‘Pretty’ And ‘Ugly’ Sides https://ift.tt/w6TUPzK

agosto 09, 2022

Nowadays, it’s difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not. With so many interesting makeup techniques, face filters on social media, and figure-enhancing poses, it’s almost not possible to figure out what a person looks like in reality.

Some women get quite attached to all this fake flawlessness, but a few of them tend to take it lightly and even use their sense of humor to entertain others. The ‘Pretty Girls Ugly Faces’ is an online community where women share their best and worst pics side-by-side to show that things are not always as they seem. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Instagram vs. Reality

Image source: leaf-me-alone-plz

#2 U Know U Want Me

Image source: boo-sam

#3 A Gift To You.

Image source: thedesignedlife

#4 Magical Goddess, Giver Of Life *throws Up*

Image source: westcoast_pixie

#5 The Two Kinds Of Snaps My Husband Gets From Me

Image source: alcholicfemale

#6 Trying Out The Eyeliner

Image source: Megatron_Griffin

#7 I Apologise In Advance For Any Nightmares Caused By This Post…

Image source: doormatanddoormat

#8 Here We Go

Image source: killedtherock

#9 Me Cosplaying As A Passable Human Being For My Work Outlook Profile Photo, vs. The Reality At Home

Image source: porgasaurus

#10 Jolene Jolene Jolene Joleeeeeene

Image source: westcoast_pixie

#11 If My Mental State Was An Image, It Would Be Three Raccoons Fighting Over A Piece Of Cornbread

Image source: lazarus_lateralus

#12 I Took These A Few Minutes Apart, Lol

Image source: KaleidoKitty

#13 First Post Here!

Image source: spitguurl

#14 I Would Like To Introduce You Guys To My Ugly Mug

Image source: victoriaisle

#15 Yes, These Are Both Me

Image source: KaleidoKitty

#16 Tw: Disgusting. I Have Absolutely No Idea How I Did This

Image source: Lizjizz16

#17 When Someone Else Takes A Picture Of Me vs. When I Take A Picture Of Myself

Image source: Nini_panini

#18 Maddy The Tank Engine

Image source: maddydyko

#19 I’ve Been Saving, And Perfecting, My Ugly Faces Until I Had A Pretty Day Let Me Share My Masterpiece With You

Image source: Tarrizard

#20 I Definitely Win This Sub! My Poor Boyfriend!

Image source: broughmance

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