30 Times People Were Pleasantly Surprised By Wholesome Twists On The Internet, As Shared In This Online Group https://ift.tt/u57jQ9E

julio 19, 2022

The internet has become a battlefield these days– by now you’ve probably encountered many people arguing and fighting on every other social media feed and comment section. However, the internet also provides a platform to spread kindness, love, and wholesomeness.

There is a subreddit called r/gatesopencomeonin that collects and shares screenshots of wholesome internet interactions from various social media feeds. Check out some of the most wonderful posts shared by the community in the gallery below.

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#1 A Surprise Happy Ending?

Image source: priowedsispon03

#2 Better Late Than Never

Image source: Aliasade

#3 I Needed To Hear This. I’m So Tired

Image source: theemmereynolds

#4 A Guide To Gift Giving

Image source: machotaraqc

#5 This Made Me Really Happy

Image source: iamemmelyx

#6 True Spirit

Image source: richzed

#7 Just Let Them Be They

Image source: TheoNicole

#8 Remember, Everyone Has A Purpose

Image source: TetamedaDekpz

#9 An Email From My Computer Science Teacher, Who I’m Not Even Taking A Class With This Semester. Genuinely Want To Cry Rn

Image source: spoopy_gay

#10 Klingons Kinda Inclusive

Image source: CreeperCallum

#11 Everyone Gets To Complain About The Weather

Image source: Laneyltre

#12 Reading Goals

Image source: jimmykaufholz

#13 It’s A Big Ask But I’m Behind It

Image source: lubjatoasa

#14 It’s For All Of You

Image source: beerbellybegone

#15 Be Free To Like Things

Image source: fascinatedworld

#16 Opening The Gates To Readers Of All Ages

Image source: Jest_N_Case

#17 Ambisexual

Image source: rEphAntE

#18 Gotta Clean Up

Image source: LimpExaminationc

#19 Hell Yeah

Image source: mentholnasalspray

#20 I’m Sure Many Of Us Needed To Hear This

Image source: Ornery-Taro-1895

#21 Vegan BBQ

Image source: hAnTATIO

#22 One Letter Makes All The Difference!

Image source: Detroitaa

#23 Making A Kid’s Day!

Image source: Festerinarias

#24 Unexpected Coming Out Story

Image source: 4reddityo

#25 Never Walk Without A Bro

Image source: aboesca2q

#26 Grandmas Are Always A Bastion Of Wholesomeness

Image source: ngobudalakl

#27 Rob Zombie Taking On Anyone Who Wants To Gatekeep Metal

Image source: anDcuLEA

#28 Ok Zoomer

Image source: heathercampbell

#29 Any Age Can Love Dah Wahs

Image source: Mollusc_Memes

#30 A Grown Man Indeed

Image source: Carlnthony

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