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julio 20, 2022

Many people like to stand out from others, so they dress differently and act differently. Some folks even modify their cars differently to get that extra attention.

There are many types of automobiles on the road but today we have gathered some of the most ridiculous-looking vehicles spotted out there. Check out some of the funniest cars in the gallery below.

#1 Holographic BMW

Image source: kpmeowww

#2 Looking Forward To Cars 4 Starring Lightning McMeth

Image source: ElbowDeepInRainbow

#3 The Infamous Watermelon Car

Image source: sergeyuf

#4 Modern-Day Cinderella’s Carriage

Image source: Mr-Klaus

#5 Mean Nissan

Image source: WYLD_STALLYNS

#6 Beetle + Turtle = Burtle

Image source: Codyc541

#7 Car Covered In Hot Wheels

Image source: Mrg220t

#8 This Just Popped Up On The Facebook Marketplace

Image source: SxE_Harry

#9 What About A Hairy Audi?

Image source: smallsqueakytoy

#10 When You Try To Get Butt Implants For Your Car, But The Doctor Is Not A Qualified Surgeon

Image source: Uxinator

#11 Well, At Least It’s Clearly Visible At Night

Image source: JKang99

#12 Wind-Up Smart Car

Image source: TheAmazingDougie

#13 The Car I Drew In 1st Grade Finally Made It To The Assembly Line

Image source: nomnomnon

#14 The Avocardo

Image source: jaykirsch

#15 Heard You Guys Might Appreciate This Velvet Mercedes I Saw

Image source: comicbookbean

#16 Phone Car

Image source: akaZeke

#17 Franken-Volvo

Image source: pangolinbreakfast

#18 Old Volvos Were Referred To As Brick-Mobiles

Image source: natteulven

#19 I’m Not Sure What To Call This Strange, Heavily Modded Pickup Truck

Image source: Porkchop_King

#20 Swiss Cheese, Anyone?

Image source: Isku_StillWinning

#21 It’s Worth Never Being Able To Use A Parking Garage Again

Image source: basshead541

#22 I Told You Not To Put It In The Dryer

Image source: turtlenator

#23 This Car Probably Belongs To CatDog

Image source: chondroguptomourjo

#24 1982: I Bet We’ll Have Flying Cars One Day. 2019:

Image source: thebayallday

#25 Grass Car

Image source: Cubican

#26 The Pioneers Used To Ride These Babies For Miles

Image source: iohfr

#27 Cessna 172 On A Volkswagen Beetle Chassis

Image source: HugeEverGrowingPulsatingBrainThatRulesFromTheCenterOfUltraworld

#28 I Don’t Know, I Think It’s Kinda Genius

Image source: timwang6

#29 Raptor Band Glued To A Hood. Amazing

Image source: JaredBurb

#30 Found In Crown Heights. Is This Thing Even Street Legal?

Image source: Stu_L_Tissimus

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