30 Instances Of People Coming Up With The Best Replies, As Shared In This Online Group https://ift.tt/o23psAZ

julio 07, 2022

Sometimes, words are more powerful than bullets. They have the potential to destroy people in seconds. Take a look at the subreddit r/MurderedByWords, and you’ll know what we are talking about.

The online group has a huge collection of witty comebacks and clever roasts. The 2.7 M members of the group share screenshots of funny replies spotted all over the internet to keep each other entertained. Scroll below to see some of their funniest posts.

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#1 Armadillos Are Funny Looking Animals

Image source: beerbellybegone

#2 So Simple

Image source: impliedChoppy

#3 Australians Are Easily Offended

Image source: theflamingheads

#4 Because God Told Me To

Image source: crowguye

#5 What Makes Fetal Heartbeat So Special?

Image source: beerbellybegone

#6 Her Go To Work A**

Image source: beerbellybegone

#7 Got Hit With The “Come See Me After Class”

Image source: zojax1

#8 Don’t Be That Guy

Image source: MxstressX

#9 Dumbass. Couldn’t Think Of Anything Wittier

Image source: Duke_of_Blandford_II

#10 I Know, It’s Absolutely Bonkers

Image source: KyleKulinski

#11 Yeah Homie

Image source: AgileWalrus

#12 A 16 Year Old Takes Her Shot And Politely Dispatches Her Belittling Elders

Image source: shaecurtiss

#13 Nope, Not Benny Boy

Image source: Zward25

#14 Oh No! Abort, Ab- Oh Wait

Image source: MoHeeKhan

#15 Greatest Country In The World!

Image source: SepteusII

#16 They Always Forget About That Part

Image source: justnlopez

#17 Fatality, Fatality

Image source: arbitairium

#18 Economics Are Hard

Image source: beerbellybegone

#19 Peta Being Peta

Image source: _CallMeBuster_

#20 She Literally Wrote A Whole Song About It

Image source: Sera0Sparrow

#21 Yes, Well, You See, I’m Never Wrong

Image source: jenresisted

#22 No, No. He’s Got A Point

Image source: beerbellybegone

#23 They Should Know How To Survive Without One Person

Image source: beerbellybegone

#24 Languages Are Fun!

Image source: beerbellybegone

#25 Preacher Speaking God’s Word

Image source: beerbellybegone

#26 The Single Most British Murder I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Morkai

#27 Seriously? Ireland?!

Image source: beerbellybegone

#28 “Owning The Libs”

Image source: DaFunkJunkie

#29 Meet My Friend, Terry

Image source: brookie241

#30 Lemon Squeezy!

Image source: beerbellybegone

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