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julio 27, 2022

Traveling becomes easier when you do some preparation beforehand. Most of us are aware that traveling is not as easy as it seems – we need to be aware of certain things before heading out into the wild world.

So, today we have gathered some interesting and informative infographics to make your planning easier. Take a look at these charts below before packing your bags, and hopefully, your journey will be smoother next time.

#1 Different Electrical Outlets Per Countries

Image source: jeff_tatum

#2 Places Where Birthright Citizenship Is Based On Land And Places Where It Is Based On Blood

Image source: india.in.pixels

#3 The Worst (And Safest) Countries For Solo Female Travel Based On The 50 Most Visited Destinations Around The World (2019)

Image source: asherfergusson

#4 Power Socket Type Guide

Image source: informationtiger

#5 Just A Cool Guide

Image source: Al_Controls

#6 Most Popular Tourist Scams To Avoid When Traveling

Image source: sproggs44

#7 For Couchsurfers And Vagabonds In Europe, Here’s An Interesting Map Showing Which Countries Are Most Likely To Offer You Food As A Guest In Their House

Image source: loverofgeography

#8 Travel Etiquette Tips Around The World

Image source: James_Korbyn

#9 A Backpacker’s Guide To Packing

Image source: petitkraken

#10 The Best Time To Buy Plane Tickets

Image source: davegoldblatt

#11 Guide To Metric System For U.S. Travelers

Image source: surfvivalist

#12 Is It A Crime To Knock On A Door And Run Away?

Image source: geo.facts_

#13 Pre-Trip Checklist

Image source: Bonboniru

#14 Backpacking Tip

Image source: zodman

#15 Airplane Etiquette

Image source: ndorokakung

#16 For Your Next Trip: How To Order Coffee In 8 Different Languages

Image source: rdgabino

#17 Map Showing Safest To Worst Countries For LGBTQ+ Travel

Image source: IshiKawae

#18 Found This While Researching Possible Routes For A Road Trip

Image source: roadtripusa.com

#19 This Is So Useful For Road Trips

Image source: alec_sg

#20 The Safest And Worst Destinations For LGBT Travelers (Updated March 2021)

Image source: asherfergusson.com

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