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julio 01, 2022

People who live in depressing concrete jungles might find it difficult to believe that fairytale-like scenarios exist in real life. However, every fairytale scene is probably inspired by mother Earth’s magnificence itself.

Just take a look at the online community called “All things that seem straight out of a Fairytale” and you might understand what we are trying to convey. This subreddit shows us magical things and beings from all around the world. Check out their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To

Image source: FormerFruit

#2 This Winter Wonderland Was His Domain… No Trespassers Were Allowed

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#3 Salutation To The Dawn

Image source: cestrumnocturnum

#4 Come Back To Me! Come Back To Me, And Say My Land Is Fair!

Image source: cestrumnocturnum

LOCATION: Madeira, Portugal

Title is from the poem The Ent and the Entwife by J.R.R. Tolkien.

#5 Entrance To The Witches Cottage

Image source: 3_honeybadgers

This is a church door in Stow-on-the-wold in the UK

#6 Their Trip To The Snow Queen’s Castle Was Freezing Cold, But Also Memorably Beautiful

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#7 This Place Looks Soooo Majestic

Image source: Iangator

#8 The Green Waves Washed Over The Yellow Shores

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#9 A Little Shelter From The Snow

Image source: cestrumnocturnum

#10 Mysterious Red Forest

Image source: Zvenyo

#11 Mont Saint Michel In Normandy, France

Image source: therealmindzeye

#12 And Into The Forest I Go, To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul

Image source: reddit.com

#13 The Great Eared Nightjar Is Pretty Much A Dragon Bird

Image source: karmagheden

#14 A Warning: Not All Clear Paths Are Safe

Image source: cestrumnocturnum

#15 Life In The Castle Is Safe, But Adventure Beckons

Image source: cestrumnocturnum

#16 The Chubby Tabby Protected The Village For Generations

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

This is Stanton, a tiny village of few hundred people in Gloucestershire, England. It is a part of the Cotswolds, which was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in 1966. This cottage is the Little Sheppey House and it is a Grade II Listed building.

#17 A Quiet Place To Rest Before The Hardest Part Of The Quest

Image source: cestrumnocturnum


A Gardener Fell In Love With A Naiad And Offered Her Flowers Every Day

Image source: cestrumnocturnum

#19 The Nymphs Of The Forest Went All Out This Spring

Image source: ManiaforBeatles

#20 Purple. Very, Very Purple Path

Image source: Iangator

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