20 People Who Shrugged Off Things Saying “That’s Not My Job”, As Shared Online https://ift.tt/UYA0kqp

julio 06, 2022

Some corporate companies have been exploiting people so much that some folks have developed a defense mechanism against extra work and they only do the bare minimum that is prescribed in their ‘job description’. After all, not many people care about the “employee of the year” award at the cost of stress and anxiety of work overload.

This not only applies to corporate jobs but various other areas too. Some people just figure out how to conserve their time and energy by doing the bare minimum. The “Not My Job” subreddit exists because these people exist. Scroll below to see some of the funniest “not my job” examples.

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#1 Get Paid For Painting Not Moving Plants

Image source: hellivvy

#2 There, That Should Do It

Image source: bopaqod

#3 Finished Editing The News Reel Boss

Image source: Bozzo2526

#4 Got The Actors Boss!

Image source: TheGasMove

#5 Sorted Out The Emergency Phone Boss!

Image source: Professional-Stick82

#6 Edited The Picture, Boss!

Image source: beerbellybegone

#7 A New Hobby? Alright

Image source: BlueYoshiFox6

#8 Translation Complete, Boss

Image source: Mickwillie

#9 Placed The Sticker Boss

Image source: its_brookelol

#10 What’s That Gonna Taste Like?

Image source: brammes_94

#11 Wrote The News Boss

Image source: SlitheryScales

#12 Lmao Dont Do White On White

Image source: 7_S3M_7

#13 They Will Never Know The Difference

Image source: HeartyHemlock

#14 Installed The Light Switch, Boss

Image source: TyrTwiceForVictory

#15 Made The New York Tribute Poster For Our Restaurant, Boss

Image source: YourFriendBlu

#16 Put The Signs On The Fuel Pumps, Boss!

Image source: TragedyMaskBand

#17 My GF Mopped The Floor

Image source: Astranabis

#18 Just Told The Whole City No Crime Boss!

Image source: Tommy_Adams09

#19 Wheelchairs Having Some Fun

Image source: Tenchi_Muyo1

#20 Tbh This One’s Kinda Impressive

Image source: ShitStainedBallSack

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