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abril 08, 2022

We can try our best, but no one is protected from making a fool of themselves in public. Whether tripping over your own shoelace, walking into a street pole because you had your eyes glued to the phone, or perhaps stepping in some dog dung. Kinda funny, kinda embarrassing, but also pretty sad.

Turns out, there’s a dedicated place on the internet for sharing embarrassing stories that simultaneously make you feel sad and perhaps pity for a person. Whether that’s an unsuccessful prom proposal or hosting a party that no one comes to. Welcome to Sad Cringe subreddit, where, other than feeling second-hand embarrassment, you also feel sad about the situation. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, kinda ‘yikes,’ maybe ‘oof,’ but also ‘aww no.’

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#1 Text I Got From My Friend After We Already Called And Talked The Previous Night

Image source: LurkerBerker

#2 One Way Friendship

Image source: WavyWavy007

#3 Oof

Image source: ADmax27

#4 The Balls On This Guy

Image source: FracturedAuthor

#5 No One Came To His Party

Image source: poppenkill

#6 Can You Guess Who The Fourth Boy Is

Image source: ik2onmovies

#7 Self Report: Spent About $200 On Food, Drink And Decorations For My 30th Birthday Party. Nobody Showed Up (Either Ghosted, Cancelled Last Minute, Or Couldn’t Come Until Late)

Image source: rebel_nature

#8 Maybe Don’t Do This

Image source: reddit.com

#9 I Salute This Cringe

Image source: Horny_Weinstein

#10 Huh???

Image source: Velspy

#11 No One Showed Up To The Speeding Dating Event

Image source: VoidTorcher

#12 Sheesh

Image source: medinywaw

#13 Instagram Questions Aren’t Anonymous

Image source: AndrewLonergan

#14 Do Not Talk To His Girl

Image source: Apprehensive_Coat501

#15 If You Can’t Convince Him, Surely Everyone Else Can! /S

Image source: twerkycat

#16 That Feeling Is Contagious

Image source: DemonGodAsura

#17 He Bought Tinder Gold To Improve His Chances But Still

Image source: Lock47

#18 I Cooked Dinner For My GF Last Night And Thought I Did A Good Job

Image source: E_StewartLittle

#19 Sounds Like A Good Deal

Image source: lunar_kat93

#20 Betty (Bet He) Regrets Telling Her That

Image source: Cantori

#21 When You Have Run Out Of Attention And Need Others To Acknowledge Things That Didn’t Happen

Image source: Inevitable-Archer-15

#22 Up There With Hitler And Club Penguin

Image source: Chippyreddit

#23 I Was Not In His Story

Image source: ohhasha

#24 Jeez

Image source: Appointment-Funny

#25 How Pathetic Is That?

Image source: Midnite_St0rm

#26 Say You’re Insecure Without Saying You’re Insecure

Image source: nekkototoro

#27 When Being Antivaxx Is Your Only Hope

Image source: orchid_breeder

#28 Well That One Hurt

Image source: Wheeler_Chair

#29 Nft Bro

Image source: adz568

#30 Is This How Jesus Was Born?

Image source: sharpdrivenye

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