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abril 20, 2022

Constructive criticism and honest feedback are valued by any business that aims to make a profit. Although positive feedback is highly appreciated, negative remarks can cause a shift in the company for the better. Yet, rather than providing genuine feedback, some people leave fake reviews to take revenge on something out of the company’s control or perhaps receive a free perk for a bad experience.

A great example of when people started flooding businesses with fake reviews occurred a while ago in Lithuania. The government released a Covid regulation that only allowed people with vaccination passports to visit food and drink venues. Hundreds of restaurants received one-star ratings and bad reviews when it wasn’t the company’s induced policy in the first place. Whether that’s fair, judge for yourself.

Nevertheless, no business is exempt from fake reviews. Luckily, some companies called out fake reviews and their authors. People on Quit Your BS subreddit documented those savage comebacks and shared screenshots with fellow Redditors. Take a look at the best ones down below!

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