20 Weird And Unique Automotive Masterpieces Shared By This Facebook Group https://ift.tt/zwSJGbO

abril 25, 2022

The automotive industry requires various skills and a lot of creativity. Talented designers in the industry usually create amazing models that we see running on the streets. But occasionally you might have seen some stupidity on wheels in the streets too.

Today, we have discovered a new Facebook page that is also dedicated to “Ugly, Odd & Unique Automotive Masterpieces“. The group has around 203K members who share an interest in unique and weird cars, bikes, and other motor vehicles. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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Image source: Jay Darton Daugherty


Image source: Daniel Marinus


Image source: Steve Petrella


Image source: The Biker Brotherhood


Image source: مجدي لطفي


Image source: Esteban Ramirez


Image source: Mike Cunningham


Image source: Otar Bezhanov


Image source: Wheelmania


Image source: Connor Lawyer


Image source: Donald Porter


Image source: Karl Riddle


Image source: Léoh Màjeid


Image source: Will Carpenter


Image source: Ugly, Odd & Unique Automotive Masterpieces


Image source: Darcy Malone


Image source: ChrisnDeana Evenden


Image source: David Shawn


Image source: Frederico Mungia


Image source: The BikerBoy

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