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abril 01, 2022

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Binge-watching a reality show on Netflix, going on an impromptu shopping spree, scrolling on TikTok, or perhaps ordering fast food a little way too often. For the latter, we presumably blame ourselves the most. The fast-food industry grows every year, with old ones expanding and new fast-food vendors popping up. People indulge in a fast-food way too often because, most time, it’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest option.

Unfortunately, despite bringing a considerable profit to the economy, the fast-food sector is notorious for paying low or nearly a minimum wage. And what can be more annoying than working at a low salary and doing the work of three people? Let me guess… Perhaps, customers making ridiculous orders because they think it’s funny to ask to remove both buns and a patty from a burger or add an unnecessary amount of pickles? Guess everyone has their own interpretation of what fun means.

Scroll down and look at some of the most ridiculous orders fast-food employees have ever received. Want to read more about the employees spilling the tea about their jobs? Click here, here, and here!

#1 They Paid With Cash

Image source: LegitMemes

#2 “I’d Like A Meal” “Medium Or Large” “Yes” Thanks Lad. (It’s My Tweet Btw Thought It Was Easier To Just Post The Tweet”

Image source: WouterMemepies

#3 Extra Pickles U Say

Image source: eddievscell

#4 How

Image source: epicmariogameplayer

#5 *confused Screaming*

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Got This Order Today And It Made Me Lose Hope In Humanity

Image source: Gachagamer123

#7 I’ve Been Waiting For This Order My Entire Life…

Image source: uwunapkin

#8 These No Pickles Orders Are Going Way Too Far

Image source: Drake_Fan

#9 Someone Ordered 10 Large Fries And Wanted Them All Into A C Bag….

Image source: Happyatal1

#10 This Order. Only Me In The Store. Took Me An Hour And A Half

Image source: lily2kbby

#11 Just About Every Customer

Image source: punk664

#12 So, We Got This Order Today, Just Bread And Pickles, Warm Bread And Pickles. Weirdest Part Is, It Was Not A Fake Order

Image source: chaosful

#13 Who Wants To Do This Order

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Just Had 3 Code Yellows ( School Busses)

Image source: Xx_nyarlaTHOTep_xX

#15 Bone Apple Tea

Image source: dreezypeeezy

#16 You Receive This Remote Order. Wyd?

Image source: Elizashizzle

#17 A Typical Closing Shift Burger

Image source: HarryPotterGay69420

#18 Anyone Else Get This Big An Order? This Was 30 Minutes Before Close, And We Had Two People On The Line. Keep In Mind That This Is A Food Court

Image source: reddit.com

#19 This Order Took 60 Mins To Make. ~$420 Order

Image source: Jealous_Tie1859

#20 Customer Constantly Ordering Then Voiding At Our Subway!

Image source: TheWolrd

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