20 Heavily-Edited Photos Posted By “Instagram Reality” That Shows How Fake Social Media Is https://ift.tt/3ReBPW1

marzo 03, 2022

People consider many things before uploading a photo on Instagram –the background, the lighting, the angles, the filters – everything needs to be just perfect. However, some people take the editing thingy so far that it just looks ridiculous.

A subreddit named “Instagram Reality” is dedicated to calling out people who go to the extreme side of the editing game. The online group writes in its description – “it’s unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don’t!”. Check out some of the most heavily-edited and hilarious photoshopped pics in the gallery below.

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#1 Who Even Needs Organs?

Image source: andrew_a7

#2 Found One In The Wild – I Am Flabbergasted

Image source: chantoi

#3 She Says That Her Goal Is To Be A French Doll. Her Instagram vs. An Interview

Image source: Moon-Desu

#4 A Very Famous 63 Year Old Woman Completely Unrecognizable

Image source: chair909

#5 When A Family Member Accidentally Posts Your Real Face

Image source: pyretta-blazeit

#6 When You Can’t Hide The Lines In The Background Warping So You Photoshop Them Out Entirely

Image source: SeductiveGuacamole

#7 Found On An Instragram Story. It Scared The Bejesus Out Of Me

Image source: asscrawler

#8 Scarred Me A Little Bit, Not Gonna Lie

Image source: Malow

#9 Photographer Posted His “Retouching” Work On A Facebook Group

Image source: halchemy

#10 I Just Has To Share This Find

Image source: Aleztriplea

#11 Do Brands Even Look At Photos Before Sharing Them?

Image source: EverFinch

#12 Do People Actually Fall For This Kind Of Crap?! 800+ Comments Telling Her She’s Beautiful

Image source: thelionmermaid

#13 Upload vs. Screenshot From Unedited Video

Image source: johnkneetoe

#14 She Uses The One On The Left For Her Job Application… I Really Don’t Understand It, I Also Love Filters, But I’m Well Aware That They Change My Appearance And Doesn’t Look Like Me. But She Use The Picture For A Job Application?! Smh

Image source: Gossiplover118

#15 A Famous Singer In Romania (What She Posts On Ig vs. Screenshot From A Video)

Image source: Misu1531

#16 2 UK Influencers Got Posted Unfiltered By A Modeling Agency

Image source: SupremeWaifu69

#17 She Has Straight Up Just Drawn A Leg In There

Image source: onlyeightfingers

#18 Couldn’t Tell Them Apart, Could Break Rule 6

Image source: dafyddtomas

#19 Noses Are Clearly Overrated…who Even Needs Them?

Image source: keyneem

#20 Not Enough Guys On Here, But They’re Just As Guilty

Not Enough Guys On Here, But They’re Just As Guilty

Image source: redditgiveshemorroid

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