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marzo 17, 2022

Did you know that Francis Ford Coppola used oranges to foreshadow the character’s death in The Godfather trilogy? Another film genius Martin Scorcese used X’s to mark the character’s upcoming demise in The Departed. It takes a vigilant viewer to notice some of the details hidden by the filmmakers within the first watch. Even the biggest movie enthusiasts struggle to find hidden easter eggs in the films. What is a bit easier and more common is spotting the mistakes and failures left behind.

A movie buff with over 3,524 films in his “watched list,” Justin Garber started collecting ‘poorly photoshopped/staged family photos’ in movies. He then shared his findings on Twitter, and soon, hundreds of film enthusiasts joined the thread. Take a look at the best “worst” finds!

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After stumbling upon a terribly photoshopped family portrait in a movie, this man started hunting for them in other films

Since he shared his collection, others have followed with their unique finds


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