This Online Group Mocks Awful Scams And Here Are 30 Of The Most Pathetic Ones

febrero 25, 2022

With the world going online and money being easily transferrable, scams are increasing at a huge rate. Some scammers plan their every move carefully to trick people but not all scammers. Some people don’t even want to put their best efforts into scamming.

Just take a look at the subreddit r/Scams and you’ll find all sorts of screenshots of lousy, weird, and unprepared scammers trying to fool people. Scroll below to see some pathetic attempts by not-so-bright scammers.

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#1 Destiny’s Child Tour Money

Image source: jrpgamer

#2 Whatsapp Scam, I Don’t Know Why They Didn’t Respond?

Image source: aloofwatermelon

#3 Deflecting With Why Tho

Image source: Ghostly_Writer28700

#4 Got A Message From A Scammer, Decided To Play With Em A Little

Image source: W0lfhatK1d

#5 Sounds Tempting

Image source: Swaghetti-Yolonaise-

#6 These Scams Are Getting Complex

Image source: dredgehayt

#7 Meatball

Image source: [deleted]

#8 Just A Heads Up Y’all!

Image source: jfahmy

#9 I’ve Seen Some Authentic Looking Phishing Emails Before. This Isn’t One Of Them

Image source: DocileManatee

#10 Scam Text Message. Tricking Them With Cat Facts!

Image source: dravack

#11 At Least He Had A Sense Of Humor

Image source: hugesnailcock

#12 I Just Caught This In The Wild

Image source: bPhrea

#13 No Way

Image source: CButler19

#14 At Least Theyre Honest

Image source: EudeDev

#15 Almost Caught Me Off Guard This One

Image source: MolochHunter

#16 Reminder To Be Careful Of Scams! This Was Well Done

Image source: JWalterZilly

#17 I Can Tell He’s “Seriously”

Image source: Stoneman1979

#18 So.. Nigerian Princess??

Image source: Cunillingus_Giver

#19 I Used To Live In Los Angeles. I’ve Never Owned A House. I Get These Texts All The Time! I Have No Idea How This Scam Even Works Or What The End Game Is. But I’ve Started Replying In Ways That Make Me Giggle

Image source:  sniperwolfjob

#20 Why Bother Making A Bot To Message This?

Image source: Ok_Table7457

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