The Online Group “Facebook Science” Shares 20 Examples Of People Being Ignorant And Not Trusting Science

febrero 15, 2022

Flat-earthers and pseudo-science believers have always existed on our planet. However, they have come to the limelight during the pandemic due to their anti-vax theories and impractical COVID-19 cures. And since we are living in the age of the internet, it doesn’t take much time to spread false information.

Facebook Science is a subreddit that is dedicated to trolling such people by sharing their own posts. The absurdity of these posts might make you wonder if these people had a proper education system or not. Scroll below to read the viewpoints of some science-denying individuals.

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#1 “I Dipped This Bowl In Liquid, Therefor The Earth Is Flat”

Image source: Yunners

#2 Masks Bad

Image source: pencil2paper

#3 An English Scientist Appeared On Facebook This Morning

Image source: MrsFishyKnickers

#4 Thanks For Trying

Image source:

#5 Another Anti Vaxxer Gets “The Clap”

Image source: eightezzz

#6 Bush Did 9/11

#7 *mic Drop*

Image source: farther-from-fear

#8 This Guy Needs Some Answers. He Can’t Wait To Hear Your Globe Earth Explain This One

Image source: enenamas

#9 Salt The Wounds

Image source: Rose275

#10 Vaccinations vs. Seat Belts – Anti Vaxxers Flawed Logic

Image source: eightezzz

#11 Little Sharks Because Biology Is Irrelevant

Image source: yourlocalsister

#12 Why Study Science?

Image source: Yunners

#13 Lol Forever At “The Devil’s Doorbell

Image source: idontthinkthatsscience

#14 That’s Not How Flu Shots Work

#15 Anti-Masker Who Thinks Covid-19 Is A Hoax Accidentally Makes A Case For How Quarantines Work

Image source: enenamas

#16 Vaccinations Unlocks Donkey Kong Mode

Image source: Yunners

#17 Ow My Finances

Image source: Antipop

#18 Fantasy Earth

Image source: Rose275

#19 “This Is No Asteroid Hole”

Image source: Yunners

#20 The Cure For Corona Virus

Image source: enenamas

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