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febrero 17, 2022

Although former USA president Donald Trump might have popularized the term “fake news”, it was prevalent way before his term of office. From the very first day when journalism began, its original purpose was to serve the people and spread information, that is truthful and factually checked. When studying journalism, I learned primary principles of journalism with the first and the most important being – “Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.”

Today, when it’s so easy to spread information online and almost everyone has access to the Internet, it’s really easy to get caught up in “fake news”. Although we naturally tend to be more critical of the information from ‘unverified’ personas, it’s more difficult when the information gets shared by the press or large organizations as we are naturally inclined to trust them.

The good news is, not all heroes wear capes. Some well-known individuals decided to do everyone a public service and call out organizations that share false statements and deny their words. Their replies went viral and were shared on a Quit Your BS subreddit, dedicated to exposing fake information posted online.

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#1 Elon Musk Should Just Start Posting His Own Tweets Here To Be Honest

Image source: astrvmnauta

#2 She Met Zedd’s “Wife” In The Bathroom. Gets Called Out Directly

Image source: Avrogadroburger

#3 News Outlet Clickbait

Image source: sudopm

#4 Imagine Being So Consumed By Calling Everything Fake News, That You Become One With The Fake News

Image source: thenewyorkgod

#5 She Tried To Call Out Mrbeast

Image source: CutieMiyuki

#6 Kumail “Bailed” On Sh*tty Journalism

Image source: krustykarbspizza

#7 Nick Offerman Calls Out ‘Brobible’

Image source: andipe220

#8 Chris Hemsworth Calls Out The Daily Mail

Image source: NotTheReverseFlash

#9 Ign Does An Ign

Image source: Darkcrap

#10 Jeremy Clarkson Calling Out A Fake Story

Image source: ivanbonadeo

#11 Dailymail Literally Photoshops Man’s Picture To Accuse Him Of Neglecting Social Distancing With His Dad…

Image source: jamescracknell

#12 John Stewart: No I Didnt

Image source: scrugbyhk

#13 Youtuber Mkbhd Calls Out Chair Company, That Photoshopped Him On Their Ad Against His Will

Image source: tasoscon

#14 It’s Always Nice When Media Create Fake Dramas…

Image source: zabaaaa

#15 Loudwire Back With Their Sh*t Again

Image source: SamuDrummer

#16 Delivering The Twist Ending

Image source: rebel_wo_a_clause

#17 Girl Exposes Bs Account Using Her Pictures To Sell Their Product

Image source: 773202noot

#18 Elon Musk Shuts Down Time Magazine

Image source: BradGroux

#19 James Gunn Responds To Fake Article

Image source: SuperSlothyGamer

#20 The Mountain Calling Out An Instagram Fan Page On Their Bullsh*t

Image source: _testep

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