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febrero 23, 2022

Expressing emotions through texting is tough – choosing the right words and right smileys for a certain situation may seem overwhelming sometimes.  And most of us are guilty of exchanging awkward texts once or twice. But some people just make it so awkward or creepy that it has to be screenshotted and posted online.

Whether it’s weird punchlines or some bizarre roleplay thingy inside asterisks, there are various ways to make texts awkward, creepy, and hilarious. Check out some of the most cringy and funny screenshots in the gallery below.

#1 Offended King

Image source: sumitxt

#2 She’s Allergic To Guacamole

Image source: DemonsGunnar

#3 Wrong Number

Image source: MysticStryker

#4 He’s Been Begging For Weeks To Do A “Sexy Roleplay” With Me. I Finally Said Yes. I Think He Regrets Everything Now

Image source: TheOwlAndTheFinch

#5 “Don’t Come Over”

Image source: Eklypto__

#6 An Out Of This World Response

#7 *lays Across Your Lap*

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Your Phone Is Now Hacked

Image source: NateM135

#9 Found This Screenshot From Last April In My Phone

Image source: Pixel871

#10 This Sub

Image source: Spider_Dimwit

#11 Word Of Advice: Never Be Nice To Neckbeards In College

Image source: FreudianCeline

#12 Ill Give In After February

Image source: drukqsx

#13 What’s Cookin Babygril?

Image source: reddit.com

#14 *sweats On You*

Image source: reddit.com

#15 I Love My Best Friend, But She May Watch A Little Too Much TV…

Image source: ambvi

#16 Crocs

Image source: thacarter72

#17 Some Ethnic Groups Get All Sensitive

Image source: WengerBaller

#18 *shoots Self*

Image source: io7hazcookiez

#19 Ooooof!

Image source: scottmichaelscott

#20 S T O P

Image source: eggofreddo

#21 Inner Monologue As Tinder Opener

Image source: HoDub

#22 What A Birch

Image source: elcatundo

#23 Oh God, Why

Image source: je_suis_un_negre

#24 Why?

Image source: hatt730

#25 My Books Juggling

Image source: SpaceAbduction

#26 At Least He’s Achieved Multiple Awards With His 147 Iq

Image source: requiemsword

#27 You Know, A Usual Hooking Up Tactic

Image source: LRFE

#28 *sweats A Lot*

Image source: VortexThing

#29 Sent To Me By The Class Furry. Enjoy

Image source: warkmash

#30 That’s A Yikes From Me

Image source: Tanno

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