In This Online Group, People Share Examples Of “Awful Taste But Great Execution” (20 New Pics)

enero 20, 2022

Sometimes people come up with a great idea but don’t have the energy or resources to execute it. However, there are also those times when people come up with the most awful ideas and manage to implement them brilliantly.

‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit is an online community in which people share some “quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible.” From a bizarre gingerbread crackhouse to weird hairstyles, scroll below to see some of the most awful ideas that were executed almost perfectly. For more such pics, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 This “Pump-Kin” At My Ob/Gyn’s Office.

Image source: jenniferandjustlyso

#2 Gingerbread Crack House

Image source: shpritzie

#3 Barber Has Skills But Wouldn’t Want My Kid Walking Around With This

Image source: MegaMindxXx

#4 Was Told I Should Post My Drag Grinch Look Here

Image source: DrAnja

#5 Slowly Bleeding Candle Hand

Image source: dilettantedebrah

#6 Next, Applying For A Heliport Code

Image source: JohnnyTeardrop

#7 What Is He Chasing After? Eggs?

Image source: LawyerMotor210

#8 Sigh… *unzips*

Image source: OlivesGoOnFingers

#9 This Stained Glass Car Sunroof

Image source: Currynrice9728

#10 This Water-Like Epoxy Floor

Image source: uni-versalis

#11 Shrek Car

Image source: Bubbly_Hat

#12 I Don’t Know How To Feel About This

Image source: DrathNur

#13 This Ornament

Image source: danistrangeton

#14 Creepy Hybrid Hand/Face Sculpture From Wellington, New Zealand

Image source: Uncle_Axel21

#15 All Her Art It Beautiful But This One Makes Me Laugh

Image source: boinkish

#16 Michelin Buddha

Image source: rastroboy

#17 This Person’s Tattoo

Image source: Floodbucket

#18 Bauble Head?

Image source: TaLDoR_RuMBuX

#19 Pretzels Dipped In White Chocolate And Laid On Poppy Seeds Make Up This Delightfully Smoky Charcuterie Board

Image source: sfyjnkljc

#20 CVS Receipt Scarf

Image source: M3D1ATED

#21 A Microscopic Toilet Created For A Micrograph Competiton And Yeah Won It

Image source: just_minutes_ago

#22 Car’s Mater

Image source: Successful-Milk-1720

#23 This Cigarette Dispenser

Image source: RagingHomo_DaPenis

#24 Lobster Flip Flops. 10/10 Would Wear

Image source: LydiaAgain

#25 A Bread Beanie

Image source: treeshateorcs

#26 Perfect For Aerating The Lawn

Image source: xmastreee

#27 This Haircut

Image source: Cr1ms0nSlayer

#28 Lovekraft Macaroni ‘N’ Cthulhu

Image source: BolsonaroIsACunt

#29 “What Would You Like Grandma To Make You For Christmas? ” Not This!

Image source: YourBrainOnFacts

#30 9/11 Tribute Float

Image source: arithmetic

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