These 30 Heartwarming Posts Are So Wholesome That They Might Make You Cry

diciembre 03, 2021

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from all the negative and depressing news that keeps circulating everywhere. When I get overwhelmed by such things, I look for something to make my day a little brighter. So I start hunting for some heartwarming posts online that quickly boost my mood.

Today we have prepared you a collection of wholesome pictures that prove not everything in the world is terrible. From people defeating cancer to a comfort dog assisting a veterinarian, scroll below to see some incredible posts that might make you cry tears of joy.

#1 Whenever We Foster A Singleton Kitten, Our Dog Becomes A Foster Mama

Image source: pinkhairgirl37

#2 Everyday This Guy Walks By Our House And Lifts Up His Dog For A Look At Our Neighbor’s Rabbit

Image source: Zogramislath

#3 Rejected From Police Training For Being “Too Friendly”

Image source: ElkShot5082

#4 I Designed A 3D Printed Mirror Array To Propose! The Mirrors Are Angled So That Just Before Sunset, They Reflect The Sunlight To Spell “Marry Me?”

Image source: bencbartlett

#5 I Don’t Need This Anymore! After 16 Surgeries To Fix A Birth Defect And Years In A Wheelchair I’ve Finally Been Cleared To Start Walking

Image source: PadmeASkywalker

“I’m not very good at it yet, it’s painful, and can’t go far distances but I can walk! Thank you for reading – I’m very excited.”

#6 The Guy Who Does The Grass For My Building Left A Rectangle Of Wild Flowers So The Bees Can Use Them

Image source: Gaddanger

#7 Be That One Today

Image source: Joyika

#8 This Veterinarian Has A Comfort-Dog Assistant That Helps Sick Patients Know That Everything Will Be Alright

Image source: W0LFPAW

#9 An 87-Years-Old Woman Called The Police Emergency Number In Florence, Italy, Saying She Was Alone And Hungry. This Was The Result

Image source: Doxep

#10 It Is Going Pretty Well

Image source: CamDiggz

#11 Wonderful Moment

Image source: Markjar1966

#12 Donated My Swimmies To My Sister’s Girlfriend And I’m Now A Proud Uncle To My Donor Child

Image source: pavignon

#13 Lost 200 Pounds During Covid. Today I Completed A Half Marathon

Image source: FatherVic

#14 After Years Of Tooth Pain And Hiding My Smile, I Got Dentures! They Literally Made Me Smile

Image source: VernalPathOG

#15 Proud Of Myself. After Months Of Severe Depression And Anxiety, Followed By A Suicide Attempt And A Hospital Stay, I’ve Worked On It In Therapy And Now Have A New Job. Wish Me Luck

Image source: reignthepain

#16 Today I Got Married And No One From My Family Came To My Wedding Because It Was A Gay Wedding. Well, The Good Thing About Life Is That We Get To Choose Our Own Family

Image source: CleverSleazoid_

#17 Enjoying A Beautiful Hike After Finding Out That There Is No More Stage 4 Colon Cancer In My Body

Image source: thestringguru

#18 I Just Bought My First House

Image source: nuunuwhoknew

#19 I’d Been Giving My New Neighbor’s Dogs Treats And Scratches Every Morning When I Headed Out To Work. This Is My Kitchen Window When I Woke Up On My First Day Off

Image source: heatharv712

#20 After I Found Out My Girlfriend Was Pregnant I Signed Up To Rehab For My Addiction. Last Week I Became A Father And Picked Up My 3-Month Coin

Image source: Moby-King

#21 My Mum Finally Escaped An Abusive Relationship And Found Herself A Little Place. No Furniture Yet But She Just Sent Me This And I’m So Proud

Image source: _pixieonthemoon

#22 Before And After Beating Cancer. 2019-2020-2021

Image source: l_ouanne56

#23 A Great Heads Up

Image source: dglaucomflecken

#24 Neighbor’s Complain

Image source: binhcao

#25 Animals Really Are Man’s Best Friends

Image source: michellesound

#26 Afghanistan: They Will Not Go School Without Their Sister

Image source: rickk79

#27 This Little Girl’s Rock Displayed In My Local Museum

Image source: TheAdmiral

#28 “Dumbledore’s Bookshelf” Quilt; Happy With How It Turned Out

Image source: Deesagan

#29 The House Was Way Too Quiet While The Foster Kittens Were Out Having Playtime And My Boyfriend Was Supposed To Be Watching Them. I Found Everyone Like This

Image source: mishalaluna

#30 A Hero

Image source: bryant_selena

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