30 Photos Showing Real-Life Glitch In The Matrix https://ift.tt/3E66apb

diciembre 16, 2021

Image source: Matthews84

#2 This Rare Planetary Alignment

Image source: janx2k1

#3 Dude Spawned Twice For His Route

Image source: b4j54n

#4 Spotted Yesterday In Piccadilly

Image source: dukenewcomb92

#5 My Friend’s Dad Is At A Santa Convention, For People Who Play Santa During Christmas. This Is During Breakfast At The Hotel

Image source: Songs4Soulsma

#6 There Are Two Identical-Looking People Sleeping On The Subway

Image source: NcUltimate

#7 Two Women With Same Mask, Similar Clip And Hair

Image source: wizzwhoosh

#8 Little Brother Went To Get His Vaccine, Ran Into Himself From The Future

Image source: whatthehellhappensto

#9 The Guy Is Playing For Both Teams, And Still Watching It From The Grandstand

Image source: flygon223

#10 Time Travel At Costco

Image source: IWasANerdBeforeItWasCool

#11 My Buddy Was Wearing The Same Shirt As A Woman At The Bar. She Left And Was Replaced About An Hour Later By Another Man Wearing The Same Shirt

Image source: fightinforphilly

#12 They Told Me I Would Find Myself In Thailand

Image source: jack_edition

#13 I Am On The Train And Those Two Ladies Look The Same But They Don’t Know Each Other At All… Freaky

Image source: tinybeano

#14 Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: Handicapreader

#15 My Friend Found Her Doppelganger At A Party

Image source: jdc311

#16 The Way That All Of These Girls Are Unknowingly Wearing The Same Outfit

Image source: OPJesseVeronie

#17 Welcome To The Matrix

Image source: jannpascua

#18 What In The *** Matrix Is This?

Image source: tumblr.com

#19 This Woman Has A Tattoo On Her Shoulder That Is The Exact Same As The Design On This Guys Shirt

Image source: Croutoninspace

#20 Walking Around My Town… She Met Her Nemesis

Image source: jorge_pzg

#21 I Found My Doppelganger At Work

Image source: GlasgowComa

#22 My Uber Driver Was A Slimmer, Cooler, Mustached Version Of Myself

Image source: fuzzysalad

#23 Was This Planned

Image source: jennbarkley

#24 These Two Unrelated People On My Flight Started Watching The Same Movie At The Exact Same Time

Image source: midromney

#25 The One Day My Son Didn’t Wear His Blue Eddie Bauer Puffy Jacket From Costco To The Playground

Image source: CptBoatDad

#26 Met My Doppelgänger (Right) At A Concert. Even Had On The Same Shoes

Image source: kozmoto

#27 This Handicapped Sign Is Broken In A Way That It Suits My Disability

Image source: benhundben

#28 A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: AtheistSermon

#29 How Do You Order Your Food, If “You’re” Already Ordering It?

Image source: Scalabron

#30 Two Separate Couples Are Matching Indirectly

Image source: L33SA

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