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noviembre 03, 2021

Gardening is a wonderful activity and people of all age groups seem to enjoy it. When months of hard work of sowing seeds and watering plants result in a good harvest or a bunch of colorful flowers, there is something very satisfying in it. It’s such a beautiful thing to experience the magic of nature right in front of our eyes.

The subreddit r/gardening is a special place on the internet where people from all over the world share pictures of their gardens. Just like plants, this amazing community has grown slowly and amassed nearly 4 million members in the last 13 years. Scroll below to see some of the soul-soothing pictures shared by people in this online community. If you are a gardener, these photos are guaranteed to make you smile, and if you are not, the pictures might inspire you to take up gardening as your new hobby.

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#1 I Was Walking In My Neighborhood And This Camellia Literally Stopped Me In My Tracks

Image source: savillas

#2 Current View From My Sewing Studio

Image source: Jessicasews

#3 My Mom Planted These Climbing Roses Around A Patio In Her Yard When I Got Married There 7 Years Ago. The Marriage Is In Shambles But Roses Going Strong

Image source: gallopingwalloper

#4 I Found A Surprise In My Rose Bush!

Image source: TheFuzz77

#5 I’m In Love. Can I Keep Them Year Round?!

Image source: bonsairex

#6 My Mouth Was Agape When I Drove Past. This Picture Doesn’t Do It Justice

Image source: Mirorcurious

#7 Incorporating The Rain Into Your Garden

Image source: BeeSilver9

#8 Thank Me. Appreciate Me. Respect My Authoritree!

Image source: OpenTheWindows

#9 My Three Year Old Beaming With Pride At Her First Ever Harvest Of Beans Which She Helped To Sow, Water, Plant Out And Build The Support For

Image source: mummavixen

#10 A Local Gardener And Her Massive Rhododendron!

Image source: kentuckycc

#11 What A Difference A Few Years Can Make. Idea 2017 vs. Established Garden 2020

Image source: Phraxes

#12 This Beautiful Two Toned Rose In My Garden

Image source: jadegreene

#13 Of All The Watermelon Flowers The Bees Could Have Pollinated, They Chose One That Bloomed Inside A Crack On Our Wall

Image source: pinkhairgirl37

#14 My Grandpa Says We “Need To Get The Word Out” About How Beautiful His Crepe Myrtle Is

Image source: carbearnara

#15 My Grammy’s Stunning Hydrangea Bush She’s So Proud Of

Image source: ChestDumper

#16 The Guy In The Image Collects Lost Apple Varieties

Image source: Zack_Zootah

#17 My Dad’s (74yo) Garden Is Looking Particularly Lovely This Morning. He Does All The Planning And Gardening Himself

Image source: LuLuWanda

#18 I Heard This Is Where We’re Putting Our Overachieving Lemon Trees

Image source: KayaXiali

#19 After 2 Years Of Nurturing My First Passion Flower Bloomed Today

Image source: onegingernut

#20 My Garden Is My Happy Place

Image source: ldebb

#21 Some Guys Have A Man Cave. I Have A Garden Balcony

Image source: simplicitea

#22 Move Over Coachella, No One Does A Flower Crown Like A Cactus!

Image source: HopScotchgotya

#23 After Clearing Out A Wheelchair, Three Mismatched Shoes, A Deflated Ball And A Buried Chunk Of Brick Wall, I Finally Have My Very First Garden!

Image source: Vogelina

#24 My Boyfriend’s Mother’s Garden

Image source: reddit.com

#25 The Grandparents Garden Is Looking Amazing

Image source: bigwezz

#26 Welcome To My Secret Garden

Image source: sofakingwright

#27 After Battling The Courts, My Uncle Has Regained My Great-Grandparents And Grandparents Farmstead And Revitalized It Into Working Condition. Buffalo, NY

Image source: reddit.com

#28 Four Years Of Hard Work Later

Image source: pijinglish

#29 I Know It’s Nothing Too Spectacular, But I Am In Love With How My Deck Flowers Turned Out

Image source: Mfeen

#30 My Dad Was Extremely Proud Of His Monster Tomatoes This Season

Image source: lkiage23

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