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noviembre 18, 2021

Most often, we get the weirdest, most random, funny, and deep thoughts in showers. It’s a place where we can relax and let the mind wander off in different directions. And the surroundings play a huge role in determining our thoughts and inspirations. So why not put some creative curtains that might inspire some great ideas? Or you can get some funny ones that can put a smile on your face while relaxing.

Whether you want it to treat yourself or to impress your partners, we have collected some beautiful, bizarre, funny, and interesting shower curtains that might inspire you to give an extra oomph to your bathroom. Scroll below to see some great examples of shower curtains that people are showing off all over the internet.

#1 I’m A 28 Year Old Man, And I Regret Nothing

Image source: Tron3462

#2 I’ll See Your Shower Curtain And Raise You My Shower Curtain

Image source: Marquetan

#3 My Friend’s Roommates’ New Shower Curtain

Image source: Pump-Fake

#4 Shower Curtain

Image source: etsy.com

#5 Shower Curtain

Image source: etsy.com

#6 Since We’re Doing Shower Curtains

Image source: nigelito

#7 I’m A Nerd And I Picked Out My Own Shower Curtain

Image source: socksarecool95

#8 I’m A 30 Year Old Female With Plenty Of Regrets, But This Isn’t One

Image source: drpiotrowski

#9 Pumpkin Cat Curtain

Image source: EmilyMarie82

#10 I’m Single And I Picked Out My Own Shower Curtain

Image source: Danimal1

#11 This Shower Curtain

Image source: stars_mcdazzler

#12 My Wife Is Gonna Love Our New Shower Curtain

Image source: ChaoticWeird

#13 Girlfriend Didn’t Like My Shower Curtain So She Got Me A New One

Image source: Dr_Siouxs

#14 I Said Hey! What’s Going On?

Image source: fluffypinkstuff

#15 Shower Curtain

Image source: dadjokes_and_puns

#16 Shower Curtain

Image source: etsy.com

#17 She Said That I Could Choose The Shower Curtain If I Kept It Nautical

Image source: DogAdobo

#18 My Husband And I Discovered You Can Get Photo Shower Curtains

Image source: Elatedonion

#19 I Approve Of These Shower Curtains Human

Image source: hootersbutwithcats

#20 My Wife Let Our 8-Year-Old Choose His Own Shower Curtain Today

Image source: SkipTracePro

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