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octubre 04, 2021

Nowadays, you don’t need to go somewhere to showcase your talent. Social media has become a great outlet for artists and other creative people, especially during the pandemic. Many people who were stuck at home during the pandemic took up their old hobbies or developed some new ones.

The quarantine period certainly stirred some creative juices in different individuals. This flow of creativity has resulted in some of the best things people made themselves while staying at home. Artists as well as common folks have been sharing their DIY skills on the Reddit community named “Something I Made” and some of them are worth trying. Scroll below to see the incredible things made by people and get inspired!

#1 White Oak Eagle Stump Job

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#2 A Tie-Dye T-Shirt

My Best Tie Dye Work Yet! What Do You Think?

Image source: viper_87

#3 Giant Safety Pin Lamp Made From Aluminium And 3D Printed Parts

Image source: Recent_Card

#4 Mechanical Owl Key Hooks

Image source: tbornottb3

#5 A Handmade Gown

Image source: EVALIZA

#6 A Beekeeper Preserves Natural Pieces Of Honeycomb He Finds Inside Hives And Turn Them Into Into Pendants

Image source: Sacred_Beeometry

#7 A Pair Of Boots

Image source: dimgshoe

#8 Some Turquoise Glow Pieces Made Using Precious Metals, Resin And Glow Pigment, It Absorbs Light To Emit Light

Image source: anicirl

#9 Backgammon Boards Out Of Pressed Leaves And Foliage

Image source: nukulele145

#10 A Nursery

Image source: Agorformore

#11 Mum’s Wedding Purse Turned Into A Keepsake Pillow

Image source: AshlovesFood

#12 A Watercolour Portrait Of A Pitbull Enjoying The Sun

Image source: doggo_drawings

#13 Two Pieces By Painting On Top Of An Acrylic Pour

Image source: KingSteven11

#14 The Galaxy Hat

Image source: Frostyarn

#15 Fake Security Camera Birdhouse From Scrap Wood

Image source: DIY_Designer

#16 Little Triceratops With Flowers

Image source: VallaVica

#17 Handmade Wedding Dress

Image source: EVALIZA

#18 A Pet Portrait With Pastel Pencils And Panpastels ✏

Image source: petsbysami

#19 Deer Antler Carving (You Do Not Need To Kill Deer For This. Every Winter Deer Shed Their Antlers To Grow New Ones)

Image source: Top_Lifeguard_5408

#20 Resin Lockets

Image source: deleted

#21 Lord Of The Rings Bag And Book Cover Combo

Image source: Mrhydez

#22 Up Cake

Image source: bumberrysaka

#23 Hand-Painted Helmet!

Image source: BanterEh

#24 A Lakeside Firepit Built 100% Solo!) With Native River Rock

Image source: beangas

#25 Race Car Bed Turned Into A Pirate Ship

Image source: CreativeRiddle

#26 First Welding Project

Image source: rexsartstudio

#27 Crochet House Plant Collection

Image source: aoldays

#28 A Gemstone From A Piece Of Glass From A Beer Bottle

Image source: GeoGemstones

#29 Mask Made Of 4mm Eva Foam And Foam Clay

Image source: Gregatron_

#30 A Roman Bust Aquarium!

Image source: RedSharing

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