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septiembre 09, 2021

Scars are an inherent part of our lives that often remind us of all the ridiculous and silly things that we did. Unfortunately, sometimes they can also be a painful reminder of experiences that we would rather leave behind us. Thankfully, there are talented tattoo artists out there who can turn these scars into something beautiful.

People who got their scars and birthmarks covered with tattoos are sharing the results online, and it’s amazing to see what some talented artists can do. Check out a collection of the most impressive scar cover up tattoos in the gallery below, and if you want more, read our earlier articles here and here!

#1 The Most Meaningful Tattoo I’ve Ever Done. Scar Cover-Up For This Amazing Woman. I Have No Words To Describe This Process

Image source: danasha.tattoo

#2 Very Interesting Custom Project Around A Scar. I Guess I Could Call It “Scar Upcycling”

Image source: nein666_tattoo

#3 Scar Tattoo

Image source: camurtattoo

#4 Lily On A Rock. Design Is Based On The Client’s Birthmark

Image source: studiobysol

#5 A Camouflage Of Childhood Domestic Burn

Image source: pinkdermographie

#6 This Is Genius

Image source: hellcock

#7 Check Out This Amazing Before And After Photo By Our Artist, Gustavo

Image source: empowertattoo

#8 I Have No Words To Describe How Much I Was Looking Forward To Doing This Work And All That Are To Come

Image source: raquelgauthier

#9 Make The Most Of What You’ve Got

Image source: tomsandys

#10 Covered Up Old Self-Harm Scars With My First Tattoo

Image source: henrytwood

#11 This Scar Cover-Up Tattoo

Image source: Yulinka17

#12 This Was Fun

Image source: pat_theblackcattattoo

#13 Sometimes It Is Enough To Cleverly Integrate A Scar Instead Of Covering It

Image source: dimistattoo

#14 Something A Bit Different. Outlined A Good Friend’s Of Mine Birthmark

Image source: jwhitley2041

#15 My Nephew Finally Had His Burning Scars Covered With A Tattoo. I Am So Proud Of My Boy! Made Me Smile And Also Made Me Cry Of Happiness

Image source: ImaGeisha4u

#16 My Dog Running Across My Scar

Image source: FLSTSBrider

#17 Hooked

Image source: halfrican_art

#18 This Is A 40-Year-Old Scar And We Covered It With Some Cherry Blossoms And Butterflies

Image source: p.ink.y_pix_kpt

#19 Finally Done Something With My Scar

Image source: Dasgoog

#20 The Process Of Closing The Scars

Image source: medikaldovmeler

#21 Got To Do This Rad Wine Glass To Work With A Birthmark Today

Image source: guesspre

#22 Turning Scar To Fishbone

Image source: pimpotattoo

#23 Scars Are Tattoos With Better Stories

Image source: screaminktattoos_

#24 C-Section Tattoo Cover-Up

Image source: ngocliketattoo

Cúc chose to tattoo chrysanthemum because it’s her favorite color and also her name in Vietnamese.

#25 We Continued A Project That I Really Enjoyed And Was Excited To Do. A Sleeve Of Snowflakes Between Birthmarks That Have Become Clouds

Image source: nimketattoo

#26 One Way To Work Around A Scar

Image source: michaelmansfieldtattoos

#27 Think Twice

Image source: gunyks.ink

#28 After 6 Years, Many Laser Scar Removal Treatments, Scar Strips And So, I Decided To Get A Tattoo Over My Scars And Loving The Result

Image source: Round-Net-2260

#29 Paw Print Tattoo Around A Birthmark

Image source: hneuburger33

#30 Scar Cover-Up

Image source: michallyszczarz_dotbull

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