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septiembre 03, 2021

If you’re not really familiar with Quora, it’s a website where people can ask any question that bothers them and receive answers from both experts and other users. And even though this name has pretty much faded into obscurity over the years, the website is actually still up and running – it it’s even crazier than it ever was.

Insane People Quora is a subreddit where people can share the most bizarre questions they’ve stumbled upon while browsing Quora, and it’s an absolutely wild ride. Check out some of the weirdest things that people asked on Quora in the gallery below!

#1 Well Then

Image source: _W0W_

#2 Stupidity Is Contagious

Image source: dadjokechampnumber1

#3 What Is It With Parents And Their 14 Yr Olds Stuffed Animals

Image source: CoolMondays

#4 Oof Ow My Privacy

Image source: armykid910

#5 Uuummmm… What?

Image source: NightCupcake

#6 Does This Mean It’s Over?

Image source: mcxhale

#7 All Women Were Lesbian Before The Invention Of Baby Bottles And Formula!

Image source: MajorBobcat

#8 Umm… What? She Wants To Call The Cops On The Person Minding His Own Business In His Own House

Image source: Phoenix_Gaming1

#9 Mom Thinks Depression Isn’t Real. Thankfully The Person Who Responded Is Sane

Image source: IAmBiches

#10 She Should Be Proud And Supportive

Image source: Scxllyy

#11 This Is Incredibly Disgusting, And Also Child Abuse

Image source: alyssa5100

#12 Huh

Image source: day-tripper96

#13 Classy S*icide

Image source: Destinyizer

#14 Perfect Relationship Doesn’t Exist

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Just Wow

Image source: tegrat731

#16 Uhhh.. Don’t?

Image source: gamingunfinished

#17 Maybe School Wasn’t A Big Priority For Them?

Image source: btchassbubble

#18 Don’t Forget The Padded Bra, Champ!

Image source: meyshi

#19 How To Make Your Child Grow Up

Image source: iluvchikins

#20 Okay.. I Feel Bad For His Condition

Image source: GeekSter_

#21 Thiefs These Days

Image source: forever-taylorgang

#22 Uh Yes It’s Immoral

Image source: HippoTown278

#23 Not All Racists Are Bad

Image source: mxgicc

#24 Help Me

Image source: dreamy_child

#25 Sweet Revenge

Image source: AndreiDeiu

#26 Psycho Parent

Image source: PissOnMyFacePLZ

#27 Really Dude

Image source: reddit.com

#28 Butt Out

Image source: goldopals

#29 Why Would You Think This?!!

Image source: Totallynothedarklord

#30 Must Be A Karen

Image source: ISuckBlackHoles

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