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septiembre 15, 2021

Working on-site can be pretty dangerous – that’s why personal protective equipment and various safety protocols were created. However, even though they can help prevent injuries and even save one’s life, some workers still see them as nothing more than an unnecessary nuisance.

The members of r/OSHA, a subreddit named after the acronym of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are sharing the worst safety violations they’ve spotted while on the job, and it’s amazing to see what lengths some workers go to just to avoid putting on some gloves and a helmet. Check out some of the dumbest safety violations that people managed to capture in the gallery below, and if you want more, read our earlier article here!

#1 I Hope A Little Humor Is Allowed… If Not Please Remove

Image source: Fonzie1225

#2 Looks Like Art!

Image source: Popal24

#3 Break Time!

Image source: s1gnalZer0

#4 Use Stares – Not Elevators

Image source: Ian_Rubbish

#5 Either Way I’m Going To Die, At Least I Can Go Painlessly

Image source: LordLoko

#6 Newton’s First Law Of Motion

Image source: TheComputer314

#7 There Has To Be A Better Way

Image source: smeggysmeg

#8 When You Don’t Properly Secure Your Load

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#9 Scissor Factory Safety

Image source: Tarquin-Lim-Pin-Bin

#10 Not Sure How I Feel About The New Lock Out Tag Out

Image source: AldoG960

#11 Middle Easterners Know How To Party

Image source: avivi_

#12 Safety Poster At An Amazon Warehouse

Image source: s1gnalZer0

#13 A Little Of Russian Spirit

Image source: beeyev

#14 Doesn’t Look Too Safe

Image source: quasi_kid

#15 “Wear PPE” To Me When I Was A Kid. “I Don’t Need Protection” My Dad Now

Image source: silver_dollarz

#16 It Was Too Expensive To Fix The Sensor, Boss. I Solved The Problem Though

Image source: rfwaverider

#17 There’s Just So Many Things Wrong Here

Image source: thecreepytoast

#18 Well I Hope Nothing Goes Wrong

Image source: BargeryDargeryDoo

#19 Nothing Wrong Here?

Image source: ApexGunner

#20 A Rube Goldberg Machine Of Broken Bones Starting With Guy On The Left

Image source: 21redditidder12

#21 I Work At A Nature Preserve. A Lawnmower Launched A Rock That Shattered The Greenhouse’s Glass Door. So I Mounted It On A Plaque In The Greenhouse

Image source: HandMadeFeelings

#22 Advert I Bumped On Today.. “Professionals” But Jeans And Casual Shoes, No Harness, And Stretching The Hose

Image source: YanisK

#23 Safe To Say It’s Pretty Cold Here At The Moment. It’s Common For The Workers To Be Transported Home In This Fashion But Never With A Fire Before

Image source: xeandra_a

#24 If It’s Stupid And It Works…

Image source: bolivar-shagnasty

#25 Don’t Worry, Propane Is Stored In The Shed Too

Image source: jake2w1

#26 Why Women Live Longer

Image source: artemiswinchester

#27 I Don’t Think This Is How You Should Handle Asbestos

Image source: s1gnalZer0

#28 Harnesses Are Overrated

Image source: D_Card

#29 That’s A Structural Ethernet Cable

Image source: purdy1985

#30 Ah Yes, Algae And Stagnant Water In The Water Cooler

Image source: Lurker1303

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