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septiembre 23, 2021

If you’re not familiar with the term “megalophobia” (sometimes called “macrophobia”), it is the fear of large objects. And if you think it’s no big deal then you’ve clearly never visited the Megalophobia subreddit.

The members of the subreddit are sharing pictures of enormous natural or man-made objects, and they’ll send a shiver down your spine, even if you never considered yourself megalophobic. Check out some of the eeriest images shared in this online group below!

#1 This Underwater “Waterfall” Is Giving Me Anxiety

Image source: OBUDingusKhan

#2 The Kelpies, Scotland, During Thunderstorm

Image source: Live-Love-Lie

#3 It Was Foggy In My Town The Other Day And I Captured This Terrifying Scene

Image source: Janowsk

#4 Astronaut Bruce Mccandless II Floats Untethered Away From The Safety Of The Space Shuttle, With Nothing But His Manned Maneuvering Unit Keeping Him Alive. The First Person In History To Do So

Image source: lilacrain331

#5 Redwood Trees

Image source: gxyspam

#6 This Is Just One Picture

Image source: jughead1939

#7 Mt Fuji As Seen From A Nearby Town

Image source: david_bueno2

#8 A Full-Sized School Bus Next To Haul Trucks

Image source: waltreeky

#9 A Bridge In Vietnam

Image source: bananaslama277

#10 Whale Spine

Image source: Calu_T

#11 Dam

Image source: reddit.com

#12 That Small Dot Is Mercury In Front Of Sun. Definitely Unsettling

Image source: Riki1996

#13 Iceberg Passing A House In Greenland

Image source: BigOldQueer

#14 This One Is Very Unsettling

Image source: pat_0_0

#15 Anyone Going On Vacation To Japan Soon? Want To Visit The Godzilla Museum?

Image source: davidscottjaffe

#16 It Is The Tallest Statue Of Nyoirin Kannon In The World, And The Tallest Statue Of A Goddess In Japan

Image source: Aliciab12

#17 This Is How Big Anchor Chains Are. It Makes Sense But Dang

Image source: astrotheastro

#18 This Saltwater Crocodile

Image source: BuRgErKIngFooTMaN

#19 Trees Occasionally Beach Themselves In The Search For Food

Image source: MrDootii

#20 Always Forget How Massive These Supercarriers That America Builds Actually Are

Image source: SquealTeam10

#21 Visually, Japanese Spider Crabs Really Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

Image source: Mightysmurf1

#22 Italian Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn’s Massive New Sculpture

Image source: kaille0n

#23 A Waterspout In Florida

Image source: earthmoonsun

#24 The Size Of This Tornado Compared To The Wind Turbines

Image source: MinaaBlack

#25 Sequoia In A Coniferous Forest

Image source: Capable-Government-1

#26 Lochaber, Scotland 2021 By Mhg Photography

Image source: gonnaRedditAgain

#27 Mola Mola: The World’s Largest Bony Fish

Image source: cryptomelane

#28 Saturn Rising Behind The Moon

Image source: highitsben

#29 The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine In The UK

Image source: sticcboi

#30 King Albert’s Tower. Person At The Base For Scale

Image source: SYLOH

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