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agosto 20, 2021

It seems like back when we were kids, toys were a lot more simple compared to the modern ones. However, that did not make them any less fun, and I’m pretty sure a lot of us still remember them with great fondness. And just in case some of them faded from your memory over the years, today we have prepared you collection of awesome toys from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s that will help refresh it.

Etch A Sketch, Pogs, Slinkies and much more – take a trip back to your childhood by checking out the pictures in the gallery below!

#1 This Is One Of My Most Detailed Renditions – St. Basil’s Cathedral, Which Took ~30 Hours To Render (Etch A Sketch)

Image source: Pikajane

#2 Devs Need To Bring Back True Offline Gaming

Image source: valarpizzaeris

#3 Lite Brite

Image source: Tamara Rubin

#4 One Of My Favorite “Toys” As A Kid, Fashion Plates

Image source: teachergirl1981

#5 Stretch Armstrong With Three Of His Limbs Platted

Image source: Watchtomplay2

#6 My Wife Got Me This For Christmas. She Knew That My Parents Never Got Me One When I Was A Kid. I Love Her So Much (Gameboy)

Image source: Tomb5tone

#7 Let’s Go Fishin’

Image source: iNakz


#8 Anybody Remember POGS? Just Found Mine From The 90s

Image source: gspeller

#9 Found My Old View-Master

Image source: Kaatiekay

#10 These Bouncy Balls You Got From Quarter Vending Machines And Arcades

Image source: yammsandasideofguac


#11 When We All Learned To Drive In This Thing

Image source: starfrit90

#12 Crayola Stamper Markers

Image source: katrilly

#13 Polly Pocket. Ordered It Off Of Ebay And Cried When I Saw It Because The Nostalgia Hit So Hard

Image source: arbor23

#14 I Know No One Cares But I Got A Mimitchi On My Second Try. I Am 33 Years Old And Regret Nothing

Image source: seedsinthewasteland

#15 Spotted This Fisher Price Set Today

Image source: triplejdude


#16 Mouse Trap

Image source: etsy.com

#17 Koosh Balls Are Back At Target

Image source: Goombaw

#18 Slinky

Image source: etsy.com


#19 Nothing Says 90s Like A Clear Plastic Neon Conair Phone

Image source: therebootnetwork

#20 Magic Ball And Mitt Game

Image source: amazon.com

#21 Rubber Poppers

Image source: SovietPenguins

#22 Troll Dolls

Image source: etsy.com


#23 Thrift Store Pick Up. 1978 Simon Game. Package Isn’t Great But The Toy Is Like New

Image source: Low-University-1037

#24 Monster Finger Puppets

Image source: reddit.com


#25 LEGO Ghost From The 90s. Glows In The Dark

Image source: tlatwuk

#26 I Forgot I Used To Love These Until I Saw Them In The Store (Flying Gliders)

Image source: namstel

#27 View-Master Mickey Look Gift Set

Image source: etsy.com

#28 Neon Klickers Clackers

Image source: etsy.com


#29 Silly Putty

Image source:  pukwudgie

#30 Plastic Tube With Water And Plastic Fish Inside It, If You Try To Squeeze It It Just Rolls Itself

Image source: nixonico

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