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agosto 11, 2021

A lot of us have found ourselves in a situation where we simply can’t recall a certain word despite it being on the tip of our tongue at least a few times in our lives. Although the best thing to do in a situation like this is to take your time and recall that word or simply ask for some help, some people choose to simply replace it with something that sounds similar. And today we’ll prove to you that it’s not always the best idea.

Bone Apple Tea is a subreddit that’s entirely dedicated to the most hilarious malapropisms (the usually unintentionally humorous misuses or distortions of a word or phrase, according to Merriam-Webster) spotted in the wild, and its content proves that just because something sounds correct, that doesn’t mean it is. Check out some of the funniest submissions to this online group in the gallery below, and if you want more, read our earlier article here!

#1 Someone Is Selling “Access” On FB

Image source: gravydavid

#2 You’re So Eagle Testicle

Image source: lampboo

#3 Incest

Image source: adamenk

#4 They Discuss Them

Image source: KirbyDarkHole999

#5 Snipped It In The Butt

Image source: your_star_

#6 Human Hi-Breads

Image source: Lrenosila

#7 Armored Dildo

Image source: amberry82

#8 Pedestrian

Image source: cok_zlayer

#9 Cinnamons

Image source: camknight15

#10 Watch Out For Those Cycle Paths!

Image source: Asexualcroissant

#11 Her… Mating Name?

Image source: BrandonThe

#12 Four Meal Your

Image source: Moto_Momo

#13 50 Purse Cent

Image source: ButImNot_Bitter_

#14 Laugh Yourself Thin On This Oh! Lip Tickle Machine?

Image source: projectsandman

#15 Cow Zone

Image source: midoshara

#16 Kind A Mints ?

Image source: Kstrong777

#17 Mazel Tov Cocktail

Image source: MrMoofer

#18 Shrimps Camping

Image source: Fartburst

#19 Don’t Sell My Nana Please

Image source: AfrifaAfro

#20 Caucasian

Image source: theholykingkiwi

#21 Please Use Tongues To Pick Pastries

Image source: neomaxizoomdweeby

#22 Incest

Image source: Eshwen


#23 Use The Hand Fertilizer Please

Image source: Administrator-Reddit

#24 Egg Corn

Image source: Steve-Oz

#25 I Hate People Who Ma Nipple Ate Others

Image source: dualAuxiliatrix


#26 Laughing Historically

Image source: haaaaaairy1

#27 Portal Potties


#28 I Don’t Have Enough Storage For All These Damn Giggle Bites

Image source: Locos_Tacos4


#29 Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted!

Image source: ilovenoodles_

#30 Pastrami On A Beagle

Image source: monicarperkins

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