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agosto 02, 2021

For a lot of people, being stuck in quarantine for over a year served as the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. And just in case you haven’t found the right hobby for yourself yet, today we have prepared you a collection of posts that might inspire you to try your hand at crocheting.

The users of Reddit’s quarter million-strong crocheting community are sharing all of the unique projects that they’ve completed, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to see how simple yarn can be turned into something so beautiful. Check out some of the most amazing crocheting projects shared in this subreddit below!

#1 I’m Happy To Show You My New Sheep Design. I Don’t Really Like To Make Clothes For Toys But This Fur Coat Had Been Made In One Breath, As The Sheep Itself

Image source: LoopyPattern

P.s. The coat hanger in the photo also deserves the attention, it made by my husband special for the sheep.

#2 My Wife Makes Lovely Crochet Animals. At The Moment She Is Not On A High With Self Confidence So I Want To Show Her That Her Work Is Not Only Liked By Our Kids And Myself

Image source: Diaphor

#3 I Designed This Cardigan For My Little Girl

Image source: Eliesje

#4 My First [fo]. I Fell In Love With A Girl Who Loves Daisies. She Showed Me A Picture Of A Blanket Like This. I Had No Clue How To Crochet, But She Really Liked That Blanket, So I Knew What I Had To Do

Image source: RetfordOaks

#5 Yaay I Finally Finished My Lockdown Project (Started May 2020!) Annoyingly I Can’t Get It To Look As Good In Pictures As In Real Life (Any Tips Lol). It’s Only My 3rd Ever Project So I Am Really Chuffed With How It Turned Out

Image source: star-pix

#6 Thought I Would Release My Own UFO Images Since The Pentagon Is Releasing Theirs

Image source: Touwtjee

#7 An Artist Crochetted A Lady And Her Dog

Image source: moneeo

#8 I Made A Shark Its Not The Best But Im 14 And I Tried

Image source: 69_nice-

#9 It Nearly Cost Me My Sanity, But My Scale Dress Is Finally Complete!

Image source: Zahai

#10 Crocheted My Wedding Dress

Image source: Leggylett

#11 I Made My Old Girl A Sofa, To People Watch From

Image source: CoughInNine

#12 Ladies In My Village In Southern Spain Crochet And Hang These Over This Street

Image source: Sylocule

#13 This Blanket Pulled Me In Like Nothing Else – I Finished It In Just 8 Days And Can’t Believe I Made It!

Image source: koukkuunkoukussa

#14 My Mom Crochets And Donated 31 Blankets To Sick Children This Year

Image source: seacogen

#15 Mom Doesn’t Have Reddit But I Think Her Work Is Pretty Awesome!

Image source: parkbrat12

#16 I Made 20 Bees For An Order – A Company That Makes Honey. I’d Be Okay If I Never Make Another Bee Again

Image source: felixhorse

#17 Hoth: I Am Working On A Series Of Feminist Icons For My Brownie Unit. Here Is The First, Marie Curie

Image source: Wolf_Mommy

#18 Xenomorph Crochet Full Body Costume! My Son’s Choice! He Glows! (Freehanded/No Pattern)

Image source: Crochetverse

#19 My Sil Loves Jeff Goldblum So I Crocheted Her A Blanket As A Surprise

Image source: redlorelei

#20 I Finished One More Skirt. The Most Beloved Skirt In My Studio And The Customers Love It. What Do You Think?

Image source: greenvulture_anna

#21 Fiiiinally Finished This Sunset-Colored Cat Blanket!

Image source: savannahstitches

#22 Made An Octopus Friend For My Son. Son Included For Scale

Image source: nericksx

#23 Finally Finished After 2 Months

Image source: scared_pistachio

#24 Only A Border Left To Make. And Maybe A Few Threads To Put Away With. But Happy Already. Stained Glass Wonder Blanket

Image source: Wandel321

#25 Sometimes The Most Basic Pattern Can Be Surprisingly Effective

Image source: yarn_over

#26 A Little Bit Of Happiness On A Grey Saturday, One Of My Favourite Things I Had Done. Just Random Small Flower Patterns From All Over The Internet

Image source: CrochetLady071

#27 I Crocheted A Cheeseburger And My Cat Loves It So Much

Image source: baistei

#28 To Say I Am Proud Is The Understatement Of The Millenium

Image source: MamaPHooks

#29 A Pic Of My Self Crocheted Wedding Dress

Image source: pugglik

#30 My Persian Tiles Blanket Won First Place In A Crochet Blanket Competition!

Image source: Fizzyguineapig

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