30 Reasons Proving It’s A Bad Idea To Give Children’s Coloring Books To Adults (New Pics) https://ift.tt/3iFtNxs

agosto 13, 2021

As kids, many of us loved coloring books yet somehow forgot about them as we grew older – but not everyone, apparently. Turns out that some adults still love coloring books just as much as they did when they were kids – it’s just the way they do the coloring that’s changed. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Coloring Corruptions is a subreddit where people share the alternative ways they colored coloring books, and as creative as they are, they’re also the perfect proof why giving adults children’s coloring books is not always the best idea. Check out funny and creepy “coloring corruptions” in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier article here!

#1 Happy (Early) Halloween!

Image source: Mr_Fuzzyface

#2 M’Captain

Image source: EvilNassu

#3 Mother Of Dragons

Image source: UraniumLucy

#4 My Submission To My Job’s Leprechaun Coloring Contest. Thots And Prayers For Me To Win That Candy Bar Are Appreciated.

Image source: BasicTruths

#5 Happy Little Catnip Bushes

Image source: visk0n3


#6 Don’t Stop Me Now

Image source: UraniumLucy

#7 “Letters Of The Day”

Image source: color_me_bpd


#8 Only The Finest

Image source: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#9 Michonne

Image source: FelineSuppliment74

#10 God: The Original Troll

Image source: irisseca

#11 From A Children’s Bible I’ve Been Corrupting: “It’s Fun To Slay At The…”

Image source: bcurrie

#12 “Fabrosaurus”

Image source: color_me_bpd


#13 Library Had Sheep Coloring Pages Out For The Kids Last Year. Here’s My Girlfriend’s Sheep…

Image source: FnrrfYgmSchnish

#14 Are They Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes?

Image source: roxyloveriley

#15 The New Spider Man Concept Art

Image source: the_llama_caarl

#16 Tomb Raider

Image source: UraniumLucy

#17 I Pray For Danny Devito

Image source: cringelien

#18 Posted This On R/Hufflepuff But Was Told This Would Fit In Here

Image source: lilscizorspizza


#19 My Friend Introduced Me To This Amazing Sub! Here’s What I’ve Got

Image source: Mr_Fuzzyface

#20 Pooh Says “Perhaps” To Drugs. I Finished! Before Pic In Comments

Image source: shutupesther

#21 Bald Eagle

Image source: roxyloveriley

#22 Princess Loves When The Plumber Brothers Visit

Image source: maddisour1996

#23 My Workplace Said To Get Creative In The Snowman Coloring Contest

Image source: BasicTruths

#24 Using The Necronomicon

Image source: visk0n3


#25 Pikachu

Image source: Grapz224

#26 2020 Has Been A Rough Year For Everyone

Image source: UraniumLucy

#27 Pray Everyday!

Image source: squats4jeezus

#28 The Sunsational Spider-Tan

Image source: Son_of_Samus

#29 Found My Friends’ Manga Drawing Book. I Had Fun

Image source: elasticplank

#30 Farmer’s Market

Image source: Bittlegeuss

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