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agosto 13, 2021

Anyone who has ever tried to renovate their backyard knows that the whole process takes a lot of effort, money, and most importantly – time. Thankfully, tons of spare time is what a lot of us got when the coronavirus quarantine was announced, and some homeowners used it to give their backyards some much-needed TLC.

Reddit users are sharing pictures of their quarantine backyard projects, and the stunning end results might inspire you to take up a project like this yourself. From cozy gazebos to treehouses that all of us dreamed about as children, check out some of the most amazing backyard makeovers in the gallery below!

#1 I Built A Backyard Treehouse As A Quarantine Project

Image source: imakethenews

#2 Never Had A Backyard In My Life. Took 3 Months Of Covid Quarantine To Pull This Together. Finally Have My Very Own Balcony Oasis In Toronto

Image source: Marzana1900

#3 Turned A Nasty Place Into A Cozy Place. Our Lockdown Project

Image source: MrBozzie

#4 My Covid Project. Yard And Paint

Image source: AustynCunningham

#5 My Quarantine Project, Before And After

Image source: MannyDantyla

#6 My Covid Backyard Project. An Especially Cozy Place For My Chickens. My Home Office Is In This Old Garage Looking Into The Chicken Coop

Image source: purple_sack_lunch

#7 A Bit Late To The Party, But Here’s My Lockdown Garden Transformation

Image source: -LargeHardOnCollider

#8 New Home With A Neglected Garden vs. 3 Months Later With A Lot Of Hard Work

Image source: Silica1

#9 Before & After Of Our Backyard Quarantine Project. I Will Be Purposely Social Distancing Here Throughout The Summer

Image source: itzadub

#10 Since Everyone Seems To Be Posting Their Quarantine Project Before And Afters

Image source: Jennybear4

#11 Before And After Lockdown Backyard

Image source: koppersneller

#12 My Lockdown Garden Project For The Grandchildren Nearly Complete

Image source: cwwspurs

#13 My Neglected Backyard Covid Project: After A Lot Of Power Washing And Plant Care It’s Finally Used By Everyone

Image source: 42K-

#14 Revamped Entire Backyard During The Quarantine

Image source: boon-tigerpaw

#15 My Mom Finally Kicked My Abusive Stepdad Out So I’ve Had The Chance To Make Some Improvements

Image source: Kitsune-93

#16 Outdoor Living Room – My Corona Project

Image source: motivationty

#17 My Husband Transformed Our Backyard With His Own 2 Hands Over 9 Months

Image source: underwater_x

#18 My Lockdown Backyard Project

Image source: Ridingdinosaur

#19 My Covid Project. Revamped Backyard

Image source: gobackclark

#20 You Guys Like Driveways? This Was My DIY Covid-19 Project

Image source: jugglefire

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