30 Times People Were Betrayed By The Food Packaging And Just Had To Share Pics https://ift.tt/2VDxCdF

julio 13, 2021

If you ever bought a bag of chips and realized that over half of it is nothing but air, you know how deceitful food packaging can be. However, as scummy as this may sound, potato chip bags are far from being the worst offenders – and people are tired of being quiet about it.

Fed up with companies blatantly trying to scam buyers by using misleading packaging, people are sharing pictures of the worst culprits in the r/FoodScam subreddit – and the pictures will make your blood boil. From styrofoam cakes to disappointing bagels, check out all the times people were betrayed by food packaging in the gallery below!

#1 Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates: A Big Fat Lie

Image source: RalphiesBoogers

#2 Air Sandwich

Image source: rangersmetsjets

#3 Basically Just Paid For The Fancy Tin

Image source: yourpaltay

#4 It Says Delicate Roses On The Packaging, I Don’t Think So

Image source: foodieANDcats

#5 This Half Styrofoam Cake

Image source: Anger_Puss

#6 Ah Come On

Image source: boboddy111

#7 Sticker Hides The Fact That The Jar Is Half Full, Makes You Think The Content Is Double In Size

Image source: doomstereu

#8 I Ordered A Side Of Bacon ($6 On The Menu)

Image source: sigaven

#9 This “Box” Of Beef Jerky

Image source: PeckishPuffing41

#10 I Was Told My 2020reo Ice Cream Belonged Here

Image source: Krystaphonix

#11 Wife Asked For Extra Sour Cream On The Side

Image source: dncrews

#12 Tim Horton’s “Breakfast Wrap”

Image source: Scared_of_moths

#13 As If We Didn’t Already Have Enough Packaging On Chips

Image source: jojo_31

#14 This Popcorn Packaging

Image source: MissGymlow

#15 Just Why?

Image source: devilslilsis

#16 Cinnamon And Singular Raisin Bagel

Image source: amyriads

#17 To Be Fair, I Monched A Few Chips In The Corner Before The Pic

Image source: c***pinhammers

#18 When They Said “Chocolate Chip Muffin”, I Didn’t Take Them Literally… But Should Have

Image source: trubbub

#19 The Burrito Looked Huge When Covered

Image source: hanric1234

#20 Paleta Postizo

Image source: MerkyOne

#21 Hello? Canolli Police? I’d Like To Report A Crime

Image source: BigBucks5001

#22 Ten Dollar Avocado Nigiri At Sushi Restaurant

Image source: the_tourist

#23 A Nice Blueberry Muffin… Oh Wait

Image source: MKorostoff

#24 Scam Level 100

Image source: Sempaii_rj

#25 My Girlfriend Got Me Conversation Hearts For Valentine’s Day. They Have No Words!

Image source: I-have-a-pet-dragon

#26 Less Than Jumbo Shrimp

Image source: RalphiesBoogers

#27 This Is How Much Root Beer They Gave Me

Image source: PaperCut611

#28 Tempting On The Packaging

Image source: Eugene135

#29 Umm

Image source: XD_Devils

#30 I Paid £5 For This Tomato Salad In London

Image source: v1ox

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