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julio 20, 2021

No one is safe from an occasional mistake – after all, we’re only human. However, sometimes we get tasked with things that we simply cannot mess up no matter what. And if we do, we deserve all the roasting that we get.

People over at the You Had One Job! subreddit are sharing pics of people who managed to fail the only task they were supposed to do, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Misspelled signs, bizarre architectural decisions, and tile jobs that will make your inner perfectionist cry – check out a collection of the funniest one job fails in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our earlier articles here and here!

#1 Two Teams Of Builders Building A Bike Lane “On The Right Hand Side” (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Image source: SXFlyer

#2 Have A Good Die!

Image source: onlyuseful

#3 Ah Yes, I Must Be A Zombie To Be Filling Out This Insurance Application

Image source: spiderman51241

#4 Somewhere In Australia Maybe

Image source: huh_danny

#5 Jesus Is Working Hard Today

Image source: NeverrForgett

#6 Found This Gem

Image source: Tristorm99

#7 (New) (Unopened)

Image source: JaidenGamerz

#8 Then What Does It Do?

Image source: Firespark7

#9 The Person Making The Sign Was Probably Smoking

Image source: PigConnor123

#10 The Cement Do Be Vibin Though

Image source: Flyawayistaken_

#11 Just A Coffee For Me

Image source: lostproton

#12 “Do Not Double Stack”

Image source: Driziana

#13 The Store Be Like: Stonks

Image source: SchatzenNudityAlles

#14 My Venus Fly Trap Is Getting Fired

Image source: the_pink_witch

#15 Why Stamp The Expiration Date On The Bag When You Can Just Mark The Bun Directly?

Image source: Better-Doge

#16 Thanks Dunks

Image source: Pihrahni

#17 Vegan Lasagne….

Image source: Mathematician-Dapper

#18 Hurts So Good

Image source: kissmyasthma79

#19 I Don’t Know!

Image source: Bowiedood

#20 How Hard Is It To Mess This One Up?

Image source: ElOtroMiqui

#21 Quantum Stairs

Image source: johnvosss

#22 Literally At My School, It’s Infuriating

Image source: Sweet-Careful

#23 Ah Yes Vovid 19

Image source: Sansgoku2157

#24 I Just…. When That…. How?

Image source: Zekken_D

#25 Really, UPS?

Image source: Dramaticrabbit

#26 Thinking Of An “I” Animal Was Too Hard

Image source: zealanderous

#27 Ah Yes I Too Have Two Tounges

Image source: bazinga1235

#28 So Do I Go Left?

Image source: energy_tick

#29 On This 4 Pack Of Yogurts

Image source: jurre0

#30 It Is Always Useful To Have A Small Terrace

Image source: lostproton

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