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julio 15, 2021

If you’re an architect, illustrator, website designer, or any other profession that involves making the client’s vision become a reality, you probably know how specific and vague they can be at the same time. Sometimes you can spend hours making the logo bigger or finishing the shading of the upper lip, and the client still won’t be satisfied without really telling you why. Thankfully, there’s a very simple solution to this problem – a sketch.

A few days ago, artist Syd Mills shared a side-by-side picture of his client’s sketch compared to the final illustration, adding how they loved when clients sketch out their concepts, and soon enough more artists joined in with their own comparison pics. Check them out in the gallery below, and remember that sometimes a simple sketch can go a long way!

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Image source: vetyyr


Image source: Jamesish_


Image source: HumorousTrixx


Image source: coyotetheghost


Image source: Hozae23


Image source: BreadBred


Image source: shamartTM


Image source: peanutt11


Image source: UndarkAido


Image source: artxotherworld


Image source: Alphapocalypse


Image source: Christy59193863


Image source: akira_artist


Image source: abstractgrant


Image source: Antiproton_com


Image source: heloisarmarques


Image source: ExpungedData


Image source: SakuraNights1


Image source: HeribertoMtzArt


Image source: AlexRoseGames

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