The “Thanks, I Hate It” Online Group Is Dedicated To The Most Ugly And Disturbing Things (30 Pics)

junio 16, 2021

We stumble upon hundreds of different things every day – but only a small number of them make us feel instant hate. And just in case you’re ashamed of feeling this way, don’t be – turns out there’s a whole online community dedicated to these things, and it’s actually quite entertaining.

The Thanks, I Hate It subreddit is dedicated to the most hatred-inducing things out there, and some of them are outright disturbing. The subreddit already has over 1.3 million “haters”, and is never short of hilarious new content – check it out in the gallery below!

#1 Thanks, I Hate Sleeping Like A Baby

Image source: JeremyLayt0n

#2 Thanks, I Hate Wellness Geese

Image source: BantshireUni

#3 Thanks, I Hate This Photo Of A Seal

Image source: 1antojones

#4 Thanks, I Hate Skin Dogs

Image source: stupidoldandy

#5 Thanks I Hate Deep Sea Fish

Image source: Moonlit_Cactus

#6 Thanks, I Hate Trojan Lady Liberty

Image source: LittleLostLad

#7 Thanks I Hate Home Alone Now

Image source: itrevormoore

#8 Thanks, I Hate Emo Horse

Image source: SteveMeans

#9 Thanks, I Hate Brazilian Chernobyl Olafs

Image source: EnZeeeRu

#10 Thanks, I Hate Ghosts Now

Image source: craig-craig

#11 Thanks, I Hate Fried Chicken

Image source: shitheadsteve__

#12 Thanks, I Hate To Engage Ramming Speed

Image source: Ol_bagface

#13 Thanks, I Hate Farm Emo

Image source: Mmanos316

#14 Thanks, I Hate Anxiety

Image source: Maelarion

#15 Thanks I Hate Chicago Bulls Logo

Image source: DenizCamp

#16 Thanks, I Hate What Jack-O-Lanterns Looked Like

Image source: Il0veMyCats

#17 Thanks, I Hate Honey

Image source: Foksees

#18 Thanks, I Hate Police Werewolves

Image source: Mr_Awesome_rddt

#19 Thanks, I Hate Wild Bananas

Image source: ziyatong

#20 Thanks, I Hate Unfinished Leopard Food

Image source: coffeetable213

#21 Thanks I Hate Philadelphia

Image source: ivanwafles67

#22 Thanks, I Hate Horizontally Cut Bread

Image source: FLITTER

#23 Thanks, I Hate The English Language

Image source: PiDawg

#24 Thanks , I Hate Swan When Given The Same Treatment As Dinosaurs Are Given By Paleoartists

Image source: atlasobscura

#25 Thanks, I Hate Book Murder

Image source: Zee_Ventures

#26 Thanks, I Hate This Soap Dispenser

Image source: pulikana2t

#27 Thanks, I Hate Chicken Feet Socks

Image source: AristonD

#28 Thanks I Hate “Calming Product”

Image source: lawrineapple

#29 Thanks, I Hate Leather

Image source: regian24

#30 Thanks, I Hate Spring

Image source: toddalcott

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