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junio 25, 2021

With there being numerous online marketplaces available free of charge, selling all the stuff you no longer use has never been so easy. However, this ease of access has prompted some people to try and sell some of the most ridiculous and delusional things – and only the most bizarre listings end up on the r/WTFgaragesale subreddit.

The users of the subreddit are sharing the weirdest things they found for sale, and some of them are absolute nightmare fuel. From questionable art to toys decorated with human teeth, check out a collection of the most delusional listings in the gallery below!

#1 All Hail Titty Frog

Image source: uni-piggy

#2 Is It Weird That I Actually Kinda Want This?

Image source: Usernameusername97

#3 Only Once

Image source: kaijudiet

#4 Helloooo, Officer!

Image source: Radicchio3

#5 We Love Facebook Marketplace

Image source: milksprink

#6 How To Avoid Awkwardly Asking Someone To Take Their Shoes Off At Your Door.. Sold!

Image source: grandtheftsu

#7 Why Do People Say “Brand New” When It’s Clearly Not?

Image source: anticlockclock

#8 I Check Offerup For Chairs Every Few Days….

Image source: shaunmittens

#9 The Perfect Bed To Preserve Virginity!

Image source: Foxien

#10 Eat Your Heart Out, Kirk Cameron

Image source: BringBackTheNinties

#11 Dead *ss Tree

Image source: HypnoticGremlin

#12 Today On Fb Market Place

Image source: Rosebudd100

#13 I Mean.. Someone Is Gonna Like It, Right?

Image source: mandamaeee

#14 Found This Gem In Free Pile Outside My Work

Image source: mrhasselblad

#15 Woman Makes Her Regretful Husband Model Her Handmade Ponchos. Hilarious

Image source: fckmarrykillme

#16 Harry Potter Teeth, Mmmmmmm

Image source: cat-cultist

#17 If He Has Buyers, I Am In The Wrong Business

Image source: JustincredibleGames

#18 There Are No Words

Image source: imnotaraboon

#19 This Couch Is Awful Taste And You Cannot Change My Mind

Image source: pm_me__your_drama

#20 You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Image source: FizzyOperator

#21 Just What I Needed To Complete My Bathroom Aesthetic

Image source: tempura_medic

#22 My Fiancée Sent This To Me And I Couldn’t Help But Feel It Belonged Here

Image source: LordFortinbraap

#23 $20 For Old Doll Head Found While Hiking

Image source: mamahertz

#24 “No Lowballers”

Image source: woweewow

#25 Y Tho

Image source: Bigham1745

#26 He Haunts You

Image source: the-graveyard-writer

#27 Teeth In Great Shape

Image source: hotmama1230

#28 The Things You Find At Government Surplus Auctions… Birthing Simulator

Image source: OhLookASquirrel

#29 Umm I Don’t Think This Is Apple Official

Image source: C-Lord96

#30 Not A Garage Sale But I Thought You Might Enjoy

Image source: Tears4Tacos

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