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junio 23, 2021

There’s hardly a better way of getting a message across than by using a sign. Simply write whatever it is that you want to say on a large piece of paper and voilà! – you have yourself a sign. Sound simple enough, right? Well, apparently not for everyone.

Turns out that there’s a whole online community – the r/DontDeadOpenInside subreddit – dedicated to poorly written signs, and it’s amazing to see how badly some people managed to mess up. Who knew creating something as simple as a sign could prove to be so difficult? Check out the most hilarious sign fails that people spotted in the gallery below! And if you want more, make sure to read our previous post here!

#1 Craftcock Beertails

Image source: DarthPummeluff

#2 Cloudy Meat With A Chance Of Balls

Image source: PuzzlePerp

#3 Please Do Not Take It Home. Leave Litter Here

Image source: freshcheezels

#4 They Are, In Fact, A Particular Sub-Species Of Rock

Image source: 192747585939

#5 Took A Wee While To Design This Masterpiece

Image source: cwWalshyy

#6 Always Forgotten. Remembered Never

Image source: Neverknew_whattodo

#7 So I Fart Old Dust

Image source: variousbirds

#8 Trust Onoe

Image source: Emil8ner

#9 You Don’t Matter. Worry

Image source: ghkddbsgk

#10 They Must Have Added The Arrows After Realizing How Steamy It Was Originally

Image source: joe_copp

#11 The Nofarts Joker

Image source: notoriousbigboy

#12 Honk If You My Is Think Truck

Image source: drearycheery

#13 Who Else Is Donating To End Children?

Image source: JoshuaP01

#14 *inhales* Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything Everything

Image source: Vampyrix25

#15 This Is This Is Meme

Image source: Groenboys

#16 Free Artificial Colours, From Flavours & Preservatives

Image source: J_por

#17 I Live In Tootrno

Image source: NairodI

#18 Don’t Forget High School Buy A Yearbook

Image source: -rguzgasr-

#19 The Way I Let My Boyfriend Know His Dinner Is Ready For Him In The Microwave When He Gets Home From Work

Image source: suburbantoast

#20 Jesus Christ

Image source: Meeper12346

#21 Smash Immigrants Welcome Racism

Image source: Dbanzai

#22 Loho Veme

Image source: healeys23

#23 My Local Takeaway Is An Eye Test

Image source: maninahat

#24 I Thought This Might Belong Here

Image source: scarlettjayb

#25 No No Gain Pain

Image source: michellearmlong

#26 Super Meat Market Market

Image source: PM_ME_UR_STRBX

#27 My Wife Said, “People Will Get It.”

Image source: MountainisCalling

#28 Does This Belong Here? Took Me Multiple Tries To Figure This Out

Image source: halosfan27

#29 Hoffman Estates, Il. I Can’t Even Figure Out What It’s Supposed To Say

Image source: southrrnurse2016

#30 I Would Like A Free Donation. Also, Here’s My Lemonade…

Image source: BossMabel5

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